Up In The Air (a One Direction love story)

Hi guys, this is my first fan-fic so I hope you guys like it!
(I'm Australian so I might say words like 'stockings' instead 'leggings' or 'tights' so please bear with me)
Okay, here it is...

Name: Dakota Tyler
Age: 18
Appearence: Green eyes
Straight, elbow length, light brown hair
Long side fringe

Chapter 1


"All first class passengers please board the aircraft to London from Seattle; all first class passengers please board the aircraft."
I rose from the velvet seats and walked over to the ticket check, dragging my teal suitcase behind me. When I reach the desk, I realized there was no else lining up behind me. The lady checked my ticket, with a fake looking smile (I felt sorry for these people).
"Enjoy the flight, Miss Tyler," she said coolly.
I started to walk down the hallway to the plane and the sound of the engines whirring found its way to my ears. I paused at door way, to find a young girl in a navy blue uniform and a badge saying ‘British Airways’. She looked like she was in her early twenties.
"Welcome, I’m Lisa and I’ll be your air hostess," she said. I think I started to like her. But it confused me...weren’t there a couple of air hostesses. I decided to ask.
"Um, sorry but aren’t there supposed to be more of you and more passengers in first class?"
She didn’t look at me like I was a complete weirdo. Just a little amused.
"Yes, what happened was that we have some certain passengers whose manager has ordered us to cancel any one who had first class tickets. But since your company had booked a year before, we couldn’t refuse. And there are five other passengers who are coming so they decided to leave one person in charge. Does that help?"
I guess that made sense. Kind of.
"Yeah," I said dumbly. She showed me to my seat which was in the middle of the first class room. The seats were arranged by two side by side in the middle and two side by side on the left and right. Excited and nervous, I relaxed myself in my seat. Then I thought about the passengers who had the power to cancel everyone’s tickets. And their manager. They must be singers or actors or something. Still, I’m grateful for my company. I was starting a new job in London as an interior designer and thank God they booked my ticket last year. A sudden chatter of people entered the room and butterflies soared in my stomach. I couldn't believe it. Just the sight of them made my stomach do summersaults. And we haven’t even taken off yet.
Thanks for reading my very first chapter of this story...or my very first chapter altogether. Leave some comments or some ratings. Or both, I don't mind I'm too happy now :)!!!

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