Your Reason To Be ~Part One~ ((1D fanfic)) BEING OVERHAULED/EDITED

Our leading lady this evening is Cassandra Love...a blonde-haired, brown-eyed nineteen year old girl, small of stature and currently taking a year off between high school and college to "find herself." Really what she's doing is screwing off, but she's not about to tell anyone that.

Chapter 1

It's Never Nothing

I pull up into a parking space and jam my car into park. I put on the emergency brake, just in case, like I always do. I open the door and get out, making sure I don't close the door too hard. Locking my car, I sigh and mentally prepare myself. Then I enter the jail.

I just stand there looking like an idiot, pulling on the hem of my leather jacket. I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do, even though I've gone through this before. Someone must've noticed me, because a middle-aged man in uniform walks up. "Can I help you, miss?" he asks me.

I nod. "Yeah. I'm here to collect a Luciana Stone. Dark hair, lighter skin, dark eyes, about this tall?" I hold my hand up at about my ear, making her out to be about five-one.

The officer rubs his balding head and purses his lips. "You've gotta do better than that. We've gotten a few girls matching that description in here the past few days," he informs me sadly, mourning the decline of morality in today’s youth.

I think for a minute. "She's got this small birthmark on her left cheek."

The officer--I look at his name badge, which says Brady--asks, "Does she wear a bunch of those rubber bracelets?"

I nod assent. "That's her, Officer Brady." He leads me to the holding cell, where I see Luciana, arms crossed and curly hair, for some reason not straightened like she normally has it styled, poufy and frizzy. She doesn't seem very happy. Officer Brady unlocks the door and opens it. Luci jumps up, ready to defend herself against another delinquent or her parents. She relaxes when she sees it's me.

"Cassie!" she squeals, running to hug me. "Thanks for coming to pick me up!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm the one you called, right?" I say, patting her mass of dark brown hair. "We'll talk about this in the car." She steps away, biting her lip.

In the next ten minutes, I sign her over to me--I lie a bunch and say she's my sister, which is kind of ridiculous because I'm blond and fair and she's dark-haired and honestly,we just look nothing alike, but she really is the closest thing I have to a sister--and pay some fee.

The two of us are silent all the way to the car. Luce gets in my silver Volvo first, slamming the door on accident. I wince and pound on her window once on my way around. "Hey! Don't slam the door!" I say loud enough for her to hear me through the glass. She shrugs nonchalantly, and I get in the driver's side. We sit there in darkness for a moment.

"It's past midnight, Luce. What happened?" I ask quietly.

"Nothing," she says, a little too quickly. "Cassandra, I swear, it's nothing. Forget about it."

I sigh and am about to start in on my famous it's never nothing, Luciana speech when she interrupts me.

"Please, please, Cassie, don't tell my mom," she pleads. "She'll kill me." I can hear the tears in her voice.

I pound my hand against the steering wheel in frustration and then turn the car on. I pull out into traffic and I wait until we're at a red light before speaking.

"If you don't want me to tell your mom, Luce, you're going to have to explain things," I demand, using my best I'm older than you voice. The light changes and I keep driving.

Luciana clears her throat and is silent a minute. "I told my mom I was staying the night at your house tonight." She pauses and I motion for her to go on. "I left, and met up with Tegan and Meg and Rylie to go to this house party.

"We got there and things were going okay. People weren't drinking much, and--" She sees what must just be the look of death on my face."--I said they weren't drinking much! And I was and am completely sober! I haven't had a drop of alcohol all night!" she snaps.

"I didn't say anything," I say nonchalantly. "You're the one getting defensive."

Luce glares at me but keeps talking. "There was this older guy, like twenty-five or something near there. He kept flirting and hitting on me. I ignored him, for the most part." I roll my eyes. "But then he started rubbing all up on me 'n stuff, so I told him, hey, buddy, I'm sixteen and that makes me a minor, so fu--"

I squeal a bit. "Luciana! You did not tell him that!"

She shrugs. "Yeah. I did. But he didn't like that very much. So, long story short, some words and some blows were exchanged, somebody called the cops, and the guy ran off before they got there."

Blows? I'm about to ask, but I realize--I really, really don't want to know. We're quiet for a while as I navigate the still busy streets of New York City.

"Cassie?" she whispers.

"Yeah, hon?"

When she speaks again, she sounds so small and so young, younger than her actual age. More like ten. "Thanks for coming to get me."

"Yeah. It's what best friends are for." Best friends. I first became friends with Luce when we were kids. Some assholes in my grade decided they were going to bully her. I, as a second grader, felt it was my duty to protect the innocence of a little kindergartner. We bonded two minutes later in the principal's office.

I moved away from her and her wonderful family's hospitality when my Aunt, who lives in England, stepped up to the plate to take care of me in the seventh grade. Everyone was wondering where she'd been for all those years, but they let her take me away from Luce. We stayed in touch though, and when I begged to come back as a sophomore--when I was sixteen-- the system and her family let me. So for those few years I was away in England, and especially the last one, our roles were reversed.

So now, I do all I can to help her, since she's done all this for me.

"Luce, this is the second time. You do realize you'll go to juvie if it happens again?" I tell her. She says nothing.

A long time passes before she whispers, "I know." Luci is a good kid, she really is. She's bright and talented and gorgeous, with an amazing future ahead of her. She's just--a bit of a rebel, that's all. I park my car in my apartment building's garage. "You...aren't taking me home?" Luce says, stunned.

"No," I say even though I know I probably should take her home. "You told your mom and dad you'd be with me. Might as well be able to tell the truth about something." Luce winces, but doesn't reply.

We take the elevator up from the underground garage to the first floor. I go to apartment 13A, my humble abode, and go in. I leave Luci to whatever she wants to do for awhile and go to my room, stripping down immediately and crashing on my bed.

I wait for her to come in so we can have our traditional girl talk secret spilling session. We haven't had one in awhile, so it'll be nice to get to know her again.

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