Forever Yours or Forever Alone (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Forever Yours or Forever Alone (A Harry Styles Love Story)

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Chapter 1

Dream Come True

by: Malikduds

You've always dreamed about going to London. And now, it's happening! You bought a ticket to London, which the plane is about to leave in 4 hours. You think to yourself and decided to "kill" some time before you go to the airport.

First you look at some houses in London and found the perfect one! ( You finished "house shopping" and thought it might be time to text your best friend, Lindsey. She lived 5 blocks away from you. But that 5 blocks, is going to turn into 500 miles away. The thought of that almost made you tear up. You quickly came back into reality and was about to text her. When just then, she read your mind.

Lindsey: Do you HAVE to leave Ontario :(?
You: Well, I don't HAVE to, but you know how much I love London! :(
Lindsey: Yahh... Who doesn't love London?! Is there any way I can come with you?
You: Only if you can get the money to come to London..
Lindsey: I'll make that work... ;)

Her last text made you wonder what she'll do. But you don't question her. You checked the time and it was only 3 hours until the plane leaves. So you decided to watch "Finding Nemo". You watched it only about a million times. But that's not enough for you.

After the movie finished, you thought it's time to head towards the airport. it was only 10 miles away, so it took about 15-20 minutes to get there.

At the airport, you finished all your "airport readiness", as you call it, and had 2 hours until they "shooed" you onto the plane. You decided to listen to some 'One Direction' songs.

When it was time to get on the plane, you quickly text Lindsey saying "I'm turning off my phone because I'm on my way to London." She responded with a quick and simple "K", which she knows it annoys you. London, here you come.

(Tell me if I should continue, and I will :)!)

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