Lovely conversations 9updated)

oh weird..

Chapter 1

i just wanna punch her in the face!!!

by: Screw_it
convo with my bestie after show choir banquet!

Ashlynn: Awe! Paula's hair's so pretty :) I JUST WANNA PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!

Beth: um..ok (make crazy face)

Ashlynn: ooh! Alyson's dress is gorgeous :) I WANT IT! WHY CANT I HAVE IT?! OOH I JUST WANNA PUNCH HER IN DA FACE!!!

Beth: you ok???

Ashlynn: yup. im fine...I love Miela! she's so funny!! I JUST WANNA PUNCH HER IN THE FACE!!!!

Beth: ASHLYNN!! whats wrong with you?! Punching people?! REALLY?!

Ashlynn: Oh...It just sounded like an interesting endeavor :) ( and then skips away)

Beth (more crazy face)????? i dont even know :P

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