Get Back

Get Back

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Beatles fan fic! This is a co-written story with me, (jennyblazer), Spring_enocore, littlelennonstarkey, and last but not least, LennonHarrisonFan96 :D This a crazy little warped up story on The Beatles traveling to the future...but in this fan fic we'll be covering a lot of problems the Beatles had and oh so very different things that would be if they were young and here today! Join us on an adventure with the beatles! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 14

Get Back

Get Back
(P.O.V Spring)

"you let them go?" I wasn't sure if I was shouting loud enough
"I left for a minute they were gone, but they'll be fine don't worry " Shred tried to comfort me, a strange silence was covering my small place, even Ringo and the cat that I don't remember his name were affected by it, hardly moving their tails.
"John Lennon has never seen an automatic gearbox in his life, never seen London streets in 2015, or a GPS, how the hell will they be exactly fine?" I was losing it, it was not Shred's fault they were gone, neither was Jema's. although I had a lot to say to her, but I know exactly who was to blame, John bloody Lennon, I see him I'll kill him, too bad he would be already dead by a car accident .
"aah, don't worry yourself, what could happen anyway?" I heard a Beatley liverpudlian accent but didn't bother to look back to see which one's was it. But the thought of how important the answer is motivate me to turn back to George who was smirking in cold blood
"car crash" I "getting lost" Jenny "Get caught by police" and Shred said at the same time and the 3 remaining Beatles looked at us in confusion.
"oh its alright, he's already dead anyway" Ringo said while throwing himself on the sofa sitting next to the little Ringo puppy. The 3 of us looked at him narrowing our eyes in anger.
"well" He said petting the dog, weird enough they sorted it out.
"bloody dog he bit me again!" Ringo said pushing his hands away from my puppy.
"I think we have more important things to worry about Richard Starkey!" Paul finally began to speak
"we do?" Shred teased
"I say we should go look for them" Paul announced and we all looked at him waiting for him to continue, like he suddenly became our leader
"He doesn't know how to drive your future car, does he? and he doesn't know how to find his way out, right? So he couldn't have gone far, could he?"
"I suppose not" George said with a pondering face.
"lets do this then lads, lets go and find him!" George jumped out of his sit with excitement. Like he finally found something to do with his day.
"Nope, you aint going nowhere, you three!" I said pointing my finger at them.
"oh get on!" George wasn't pleased
"why not Spring? They can help" Jenny said looking at Paul and I knew what she meant, honestly what she sees in Paul I was not able to figure but I hope she's right.
"The last thing we need Jenny, is 3 other Beatles missing" I warned but Paul McCartney was determined to help
"we can find them Spring" he assured
"do that" I said, looking at the clock it was almost one hour they've gone. I took a quick look at George sitting across the house on a sofa; I instantly looked away fearing he might notice I'm looking at him. Since we kissed we keep avoiding each other. We hardly say morning and good night. I don't like this situation but talking to him sounds even more awkward. And I don't want to be the first one to talk.
"can I stay home?" Ringo volunteered, that made me smile because I actually wanted to ask him to stay, well in all the Beatles I'm sure he has the best talent for getting lost.
"if you want to, sure" I said faking a pondering thought. And before anyone else disagreed I wrapped it up like this "well someone has to look after the pets" they all seemed convinced
"lets go then, shall we?" Paul said and Jenny walked side by side him to the door, he opened the door and let Jenny go first, me and Shred followed her then Paul and George joined us.
as we were walking down the stairs a very familiar voice got our attention
"lets put back this sweetie before anyone knows, eh?" I heard and saw John Lennon holing my car key and swinging it in the air. Jema looked shock seeing us, John hadn't notice us yet
"you don't talk much, I like that!" John Lennon said laughing while Jema was still looking at us in shock.
"what else do you like, Lennon?" Paul McCartney said while Jenny was coughing to aware John of our presence.
John looked up at us and saw 5 angry faces narrowing their eyes on him, I think I looked the scariest because he fixed his eyes on me in some sort of fear
"I'd like to.." John looked at all of us then me again
"Run!" he pulled Jema's hand and started to run really fast, all of us unconsciously ran after him like a bunch of lions after a deer.
"Don't you dare John! Get back!" Paul screamed, we were running between the cars in the garage
"sorry mate!"
Now, there were 2 Beatles I wasn't talking to, George, and now John too. Lennon was trying hard but I kept ignoring him, and Jema she said she was sorry and it was very irresponsible of her to get away with John Lennon with my car. I managed a smile, all I could do.
"So where did you go anyway?" Paul asked with a curious look "ah, yah know, around" John smiled to Jema while he was putting his hand around her shoulder, what was going on between those two, I had no idea. But I could see they were getting pretty close.
"why didn't you take us?" you didn't have to look up to see its George when you hear his different accent that you can't find anywhere else not even in Liverpool itself.
"would yah have like to come, Georgie?" John asked in a funny voice
"well yeah, I get all bored sitting here , yah know" George said with a disappointed voice looking around my house in displeasure. And that wasn't the first time they were saying it straight they are not enjoying their time.
And I knew it, this isolation was getting hard, they don't go out much because first, we have only one car, one driver, and we have to split up 4 people going out 4 people staying home watching telly and we never get along picking, then we have discussions about; if they show up more than one Beatle at once people might recognize them
And my place is amusing if you are a big movie fan or into monopoly, not if you're a rock star. And you can't hold four biggest rock stars of history in a small place forcing them to watch Star Trek (and failing. 3 times, me and Shred tried everything but they never watched more than 10 minutes without mocking Spock and getting on with talking) for too long.
"lads, I think we really should talk about this" Paul got a pondering serious face.
"yeah, what do you reckon Pauli?" John Lennon said with a smirk, like he wanted to hear Paul's idea but he was sure that he had something better in mind. I always could observe this kind of look on John, this eagerness to be the leader, not the one being ordered about.
Paul looked at us one by one, and his looks on Jenny, I could swear it was way different. One of those looks that you never forget, then the words came out...
"I think we should get back" Paul put his head down and then looked up at John. I think we all knew this was coming, but strangely we didn't expect it. There was a deadly silence after those words and everybody except for Paul McCartney and John Lennon, were shocked.
"um.. why is that?" finally Shred was the bravest one to ask, but the answer was clear to all of us.
"well, we don't belong here you know, and we failed saving Lennon so what would help staying more? I mean don't get me wrong we love it here with you girls and you were really kind to us" his look freezed on Jenny again
"but we need to get on" he looked down as he finished, silence again.
All he said was like a hitting in the face waking us up from a sweet dream to a nightmare. I analyzed my friends face one by one. Jema was a disaster, shred was still in shock and Jenny; something between heartbroken and disappointed while she was trying to get her 'I'm logical I understand's face
Us 4 miseries turned to John. Looked at him waiting for him to talk, waiting for him to disagree or say something. He just lightened up a ciggie and looked at Paul with no trace of conflict or concur on his face.
"I think we should give it another try" George said or almost whispered, like he was afraid to spread out his idea.
"Give what another try?" Paul asked instantly but not louder than George's whisper.
"another travel time maybe, to 1980"
"but.. we don't know if we're gonna make it you know. We may show up on 2050 or something, that'll be a waste I'd say, you know I think getting back is the best we can do now.. because its complicated and.."
"..its not complicated" George whispered again.
"I mean you know, its complicated and there's no point. we left everything behind"
"so we can give it another try, can't we?"
"George I'm just saying..."
I felt like I couldn't hear the rest, I knew one thing for sure by far. They were leaving. Whether to 1965 or to another year, they certainly were leaving. I took a look at my last hope, 2 other Beatles. Ringo seemed like he got bored by the conversation. And John. It was like he was enjoying watching the debate. But still I couldn't find any clue whether he wants to stay or leave.
John coughed at the very moment, and we all turned to him.
"I agree with Paul, George. Its utterly risky to give it another try" there was no trace of smirk or teasing in John Lennon's determined face. my last hope turned into dust. I wanted to burst into cry but I didn't want anyone to know how desperate I can get about this. I mean maybe I didn't let it out much but I was having the time of my life having my best friends and 4 Beatles around me, and now everything was over...
"but I'd say..." we all turned to Lennon again.
"we can stay here and make a band, here in future" I wasn't sure I can trust my ears. I wanted to look at Jenny but I wasn't able to move my eyes which were fixed on John Lennon's face analyzing every reaction of him. He took a look at Jema and gave her a nice small
"we don't have to get back" John Lennon said, now looking straightly at Paul McCartney.

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