Get Back

Get Back

Hey guys! I would like to introduce to you a new Beatles fan fic! This is a co-written story with me, (jennyblazer), Spring_enocore, littlelennonstarkey, and last but not least, LennonHarrisonFan96 :D This a crazy little warped up story on The Beatles traveling to the future...but in this fan fic we'll be covering a lot of problems the Beatles had and oh so very different things that would be if they were young and here today! Join us on an adventure with the beatles! Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 2

Paul & John, buddies and pals!

Jenny's P.O.V

My problem wasn't trying to convince the others that there was someone there. My problem was I had to convince them it was Paul McCartney. Even worse, to convince them it was a young Beatle Paul. The thing is, I wouldn't have brought it up unless I was sure, and oh boy was I sure! However, I wasn’t going to let my doubts take over (all though it probably would have been a good idea before they sent me to an insane asylum.) ,cause I had seen him, and I knew I had! And if anything has ever been right in this world, then I knew this was the real thing.

"Oh Jude," Shred says, playing a nervous smile with a matching anxious laugh. "Excuse her, please. She always thinks she see's Paul, or hears Paul, or that someone has said Paul although they really just said ball…" She leans over to Spring and Jema. “Sometimes I think she's gotten a little kukoo in the head, but its probably cause we’re in London and sometimes no one understands it when she’s being sarcastic…but we love her anyways, right guys?”

I took my eyes off that spot for only a second. Shred looked really shaky, like I had never been to this extreme before without laughing and admitting it was all a joke. Jema looked utterly confused, but I sensed that she wanted to believe me. Which of course, happened to make me feel a bit better. It was late at night, so we were all tired and had eyes popping out after such a long day, but then I looked over to Spring. She gave me a knowing glance, as if she not only believed me, but as if she wanted me to go a step more.

"Well its been a great night traveling with you all," I say as taking a few steps back and swinging my hands together to clap. "—But I've got some searchin' to do."

Quickly I turned around and bolted. I ran before Shred could stop me, before Jema could ask me what I was doing, or before Spring could cheer me on.

I sped across Abbey Road (while feeling urged to just stop and strut), and I swear I saw a shadow zip around a corner to a dark alley.

"Jenny! Wait up!" Spring called from behind. I could feel them lingering not too far behind; they were also finding energy to sprint so late at night.

I was going too fast to look back. The wind in my face was like a seat belt restricting my view. I wanted proof. I wanted to believe and see someone was there. Whether it was Paul or not, just so I didn't look like a loser.

Quickly I swung around the corner and just stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe it.

"JUDE!" Shred yelled. "You're gonna put me on my death bed!"

"Is there anyone there, Jenny?" Jema asked from afar. I began stuttering but no words came out. By the time my friends got over, I knew I had to play it cool.

"Sorry guys—somebody must have slipped something in my drink. I swore I saw him! But who am I to believe that? I'm just a loser, as John would say. I mean, how stupid could I be? Thinking I saw Beatle Paul in this year? Sure, yeah…ha, that's possible!" I spat. "I…urgh! I knew I saw him!" I turned to them. “You know those times, when you think its raining, and no one belives you? But you saw it rain! You saw drops from the sky! But then it just stops before anyone can notice or feel it, and they laugh at you in your stupidity. That’s…how I feel right now.” I lower my head and look at the damp road. Quickly I raised my head again.

"But I saw him!" I say again, still trying to enforce my thoughts, although no one was doubting them anyways. "His sweet, little adorable baby face hiding behind a corner…I even saw his shadow! Did no one else see that?"

They all exchanged glances and nodded no.

"No? Well, I guess not. I'm just crazy, that's all," I shake off and begin walking past my friends with my head low in shame.

"We won't judge you Jude, we're all tired!" I heard Shred reach out to me. "Plus, I think I did put something in your drink during the plane flight…"

I snickered. That's typical. Bleh, I hate being stupid! I felt kinda bad, I didn't mean to leave such a wacko impression on Jema and Spring.

"One of these days I'm gonna see Paul and call out his name and he's really gonna be there! Just watch!" I mumbled under my breath.

As quickly as it happened, I head butted something while making a sharp turn on the alley corner.


"Holy shhh—" I was knocked to the ground in an instant and began rubbing my head. I looked up in confusion. “Guys, I give up!" I call out to the girls. “Spring, have any good insane asylums here in London? I might need one, cause Paul McCartney is standing right in front of me."

I blinked a couple of times and wasn't too sure of what I saw because of the moon blinding out my darkened eyes. I rubbed my eye lids and opened them up again. It was him. Paul! He was just standing there, smiling…and why?

"I don't think that'll be necessary, luv. I am here, yah know?"


It took no time for them to cut over to us and see that I was actually not lying or anything like that. I was on the ground. And there was a studly looking Beatle in front of me…who seemed to look kinda overwhelmed and began getting nervous.

"I'm so sorry dear!" He realizes when it becomes clear to him that he knocked me to the ground.

"OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS HIM!" They began jumping and screaming.

Paul ended up grinning while extending his arm down to me so I could use it as a prop. I reached out for it, but ended up missing it like 5 times, and then ended up falling down once I did grab it. He giggled. Like an angel.

"Sorry to scare you lovely gurls, but I thought I heard you ladies talking about Abbey Road and the Beatles and all, so it made me feel good that we still have fans in the future!"

"That's right, you must be from the past!" Jema called out.

"Or he just got a really nice and successful plastic surgery," Shred suggested.

Paul looked over to Shred and winked; I could feel my nerves tingling.

"So what year is it, then? Please tell me we made it! Is it '79, or '80? Did we make it in time to save John?"

My head automatically tilted to the side, it was the cutest little thing I heard!

"Aww! A Paul from the past comes to the future to save John—how cute!" Shred smiles.

"I'm afraid you're too late," Spring sulked, feeling bad to bring out the bad news.

"Wait—did you say, "we"?" Jema spotted.

I finally got off the ground myself and dusted my shirt and jeans. I wasn't over reacting cause it seemed too good to be true.

"Too late?" Paul's nose crinkled a bit. I sighed in happiness. "I guess we must be!" he began checking us out. “With the way you gurls are dressed you look like you're from the way future! Like…1987 or something!”

My mouth dropped open and I looked straight to Jema. I felt like something was wrong. As if it were common sense. Like a child was asked to answer 1+1 and said 35! We were so speechless.

"Well then, what's got yah?" Paul stuttered.

His voice was so sweet with his posh Liverpuddlian accent. His face was so beautiful and irresistible. I was scared that if we stood there too long, he would just disappear.

"So…did we find me yet?" A sly voice squeaks while coming up from behind. I think then all of our eyes grew wide. It was John Lennon!

He had his leather cap on from AHDN. He looked like he had just stepped out of the movie himself. He was wearing the same black tux and everything. With the handkerchief in his trouser pocket.

"No then?" He answers himself. He looks over at us and smirks. "But I see you've picked up some birds yourself, eh Paulie? I dig it!" John pats Paul's shoulder. “So tell us, luvies! What year is it 'ere?” He says it as if it is the most casual question ever.

I finally felt enough blood run through me so I could turn my head back and see everyone's expression. Good thing too, cause I looked just in time to catch Jema before she fell to the ground during her faint. Of course, she was astonished by the handsome Lennon, and of course, all the craziness that could happen in this one night.

· * *

"Oooh! Nice car, dear! George would really fancy the thing!" John cheers as running a lap around it.

"Speaking of George, is he here with you guys?" Spring wonders.

Paul and I carefully ease Jema into the back seat. His hand touched mine and we both quickly look up while staring into each other's eyes with a subtle smile. Without hesitation I look away and blush. I release Jema and haste my way over to the other side of the car to get in. John jumps in the passenger seat as the rest of us squish into the back.

Shred made sure to watch over Jema's head until she woke up. I slid in besides Shred and Paul had (most adorably) scrunched his way into the side. I wanted to just curl up in Paul's arms considering we were so close together, but I just couldn’t.

"Think the little darlin's alright?" John questioned sincerely. "She's a pretty face; hope she isn’t hurt, yah know?"

"She'll be ok," Shred assures. I made eye contact with her, and I knew we were both out of our minds. All of us were. Cause if we actually were thinking, we would have all fainted by now.

"So…ahem, where's George?" Spring looks in the rearview mirror and see's Shred. "And Ringo?" She adds. She starts up the engine and lets out a tiny squeal. “I can’t believe John Lennon and Paul McCartney are in MY CAR!”

"Oh we've decided to split up, they should be around somewhere.." Paul awares her sweetly. I felt my heart grow so warm and light while hearing his voice be so close to me and just whisk through my ears. I tried my hardest not to look at him, but feeling his leg next to mind made my heart skip a beat. I tried to focus my eyes on the windshield. I noticed John threw his legs upon the dashboard.

"Uh…John, what are you doing?" Spring asks him.

"Just lounging around, luv," he winks. "Is there a problem?"

Spring gulps and forces a smile, "Nope."

"I doubt we can fit anymore Beatles in this car," I say while looking at the car floor. I looked up and felt everyone staring at me. "But we can try!"

"So tell me, gurls, what are yah names?" Paul interviews.

"I'm Spring, that's Jenny, Shred, and Jema!" Spring instructs as going in order from right to left, eyes transfixed on the road.

John shifts his body towards the back seat and begins staring at me and Shred…almost freakishly too. I look up at Paul and notice that he's smiling at me while his hazel eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

"Jenny, eh? What a sweet, innocent, little name!"

"I like Shred! Sounds like something I do to 'em guitars!" John defends.

"Is that your real name, luv?" Paul looks past me to Shred.

"Uh, no…it's…"

I quickly cover her mouth.

"That's not important," I grin. "Shred will do just fine."

She nods her head in agreement. Paul just shrugs and continues with his business.

I looked up at John again, who now is now eyeing Jema.

"Poor thing, we should stop and get 'er some water, yah know?"

"Brill idea John! If my memory suits me we should be coming up around a café soon. All though, this place does look an awful lot different. John, did yah see those zig zags on Abbey Road? What was that all about?"

"It's so cars can't stop and park on the side," I inform them.

"Bloody hell! Why would they do that?"

"Cause it's so busy all the time. People stop and take pictures here 24/7," Shred clears up.

"Why?" John and Paul laugh a bit, thinking the people of our generation are stupid or something.

"Duhh! You think out of all people you would know! Cause of one of your last albums, when your cover was you guys—"

Shred slaps her hand over my mouth as well. "They don't know yet, Jude! They're from the mid '60s!"

I look to see Paul and John's face who are more confused than life itself.

"You gals like touchin mouths!" John realizes.

"Shred, you just called her Jude!" Spring catches quickly.

"Yeah, so? I always call her Jude," Shred explains.

"Oohh, I like that name. And what is Jude short for? I thought her name was Jenny?" Paul goes on to question.

"Ahh crap! It's too late to be thinking about all of this!"

We're all silent for a minute and I catch John and Paul eyeing each other, it seems to be they think we're crazy.

"Ok, well, topic change, I believe. As I was saying, this place is indeed very different for 1987."

"1987!!!" John freaks out. "I never thought I'd live to see the day!" John grins with accomplishment.

"You never did," we all say in unison.

"Yeah…right," John realizes. "So it looks like that science lad brought us to the wrong year! The Daft!"

"Science lad?" Spring asks while making a turn on to another street, doing as the GPS says.

"AHHH WHAT WAS THAT?" Paul and John freak out. Which of course, caused all of us to freak out. Shred makes a weird jump in her seat which caused Jema to quickly awake.

"What's going on?!" She yells out.

"Jema!" Spring, Shred and I cheer.

"What was that noise! It told us where to go! It's like the spirits are telling us which street to take, yah know?!" John shakes.

"It's a GPS," Spring explains while still driving. It tells her how long to stay on the next street for, and John continues to shake. "It navigates the drive for you. One of those little futuristic trinkets we have."

"Oh, I knew that!" Paul plays it off. He looks out the window to avoid eye contact.

"Jema, how are you pretty baby?" John sweets her up.

"I'm alright…I think. My head hurts," she mentions as rubbing the corner of her forehead.

"You'll be fine," he grins assuredly.

"So what did you say about a science guy?" Spring brings up again.

"Well, the lads and I were recording one peaceful Sunday, and then, some lad comes out of nowhere! If yah think we were bad then, you should of seen us before! He tells us he's some scientist from the future whos built a time machine! He goes on to tell us that in the future, we break up as a band because of all this arguing we do! And it figures, cause he caught us in the middle of an argument! Ain't that right Paulie?"

"Ahem, yes," Paul coughs, still embarrassed.

"So then, we all got real nervous. We didn't want the fame and love to end. Well…we were in a rough spot but we dug our band! And we were getting really good. We were workin on a new album, Rubber Soul. We were gonna prove our fans just how different we could be! Just exactly what we had in us! And so this scientist man tells us that we wouldn't last any longer than 1970 together! And that I would die 10 years later! Apparently I’m some huge figure and all, but from the year he was from…well, he wouldn’t tell us. But apparently there is disgusting music out there and that a lot of people forget that we existed. So he must have been way in the future!"

"Even further then us," I point out. "Cause you guys still have a lot of fans in this year!"

"Well, what year is it here, then?" Paul asks.

It got quiet and I could feel the tension building.

"I'm driving, anyone else care to do the honors?" Spring brushes off as her excuse.

"I'm still hurtin…ow," Jema squirms robotically and uses it as her excuse.

"I've gotta make sure Jema isn't going to…uh, die or something!" Shred looks away. I glare at her, of course they leave it up to me to put a damper on things.

Paul and John look me in the eye and I couldn't stand the silence or the stares anymore.

"Jenny?" Paul and John hum out my name.

"Paul McCartney…John Lennon…" I take in a deep breath. "Welcome to the year of 2015!"

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