This is a group story by me, and Harry_Potter_goes_rawr...... Hope you enjoy(: Please comment, rate, and add us!

Chapter 1

Prologue: Part I

by: PandaaPie
I flatten down my petticoats in a feeble attempt to look presentable, but it seems as though each flattened crease creates a new wrinkle in the delicate fabric. Sighing in frustration, I decide to leave it be as I run a comb through my hair.
"Constance! Constance!" I call out to my acquaintence whom I requested to come with me as a friend to my suitor's house. It was either her or my mother, and she would embarass me like it was her job to do so.
Constance slips in through my bedroom doorway, her thick black locks tightened into a bun with loose curls hanging from her ears. A dark blue gown graced her ever so petite figure, and her skin looked like that of a porcelain doll.
"You look ravishing!" I gasp in awe as she does a twirl to emphasize the beauty of her dress.
"Why thank you!" Then she eyes my combed, wet light brown hair. It hangs down to my chest, and I look absolutely awful.
"I'll help you with that." Constance states carefully. She gently urges the remaining moist drops out of my hair, and begins to curl it with her fingers. It takes nearly an hour for her to finish curling and pinning my locks. The ending result, though is completely worth it.
Its done up in a miniature beehive style, with small pearls gracing each curl of my hair.
"Just lovely! Thank you Constance. Now, we must get going if we don't want to be late." We carefully trek out the door, careful not to stumble over one anothers' trains.
"You know Elisabeth, I've heard th-" Our gossip is cut off short as a loud boom! breaks through the air. The noise was easily recognizable- one of a musket.
"Two pretty ladies. What're you doing out so late?" A man- clearly a drunkard- questions in a slurred voice. Constance squeezes my hand.
"Leave us alone." I say sternly, and mutter a few words that shouldn't be said by a lady such as myself.
"No... not until one ya' come ova' here and gimme' some sugar." He slurs, musket in one hand, aimed at nobody in particular. But the backfire, if he pulls the trigger, may make it be pointed toward us.
"I have mace." I whisper to Constance. She shakes her head.
"I used it... I'm so sorry, I thought I heard something so I grabbed it and sprayed it. But it was just a damn rat."
I heave a loud sigh, and shut my eyes. A boom! quickly returns me to reality though. To my one side is Constance, now laying in her pool of blood. To my other side is the drunkard.
"You fool! How could you!" I shout between tears as he approaches me. I'm now hunched over her once beautiful body. Her skin is beginning to turn cold, but her eyes are still open.
"Constance, I'm so so sorry." I whisper oh so quietly. Then she responds saying something that changed me forever. Something so simple...
"Don't be Elly."

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