Paranormal Nights

Everything goes crazy when Zack's parents go on a 14-day vacation leaving him all alone. Paranormal things start happening to Zack and his buddy Max. Will they survive before Zack's parents come home? Or worse...

Chapter 1

Night 1- June 15th

I started waving good-bye to my parents. My dad gave me the usual rules: No going on his TV, no sleepovers, no going in the pool, no messing with his recording cameras. As I waved good-bye, I told myself, I'm gonna break every single one of those rules.

I went into my dad's room and turned on the TV. I played in the pool for 30 minutes, and called my best friend Maximus, or Max for short. I received a phone call from him a few minutes later. "Is your dad gone?" he whispered.
"Yes. Dude, come on over!"
"I'll be there in 30 minutes!"
"Don't forget you sleeping bag!" I called
"Don't forget the movie!" he answered back.
That was when he hanged up. I grabbed the movie disc and waited at the door. 7:00. He came in, grabbing a sleeping bag and a 8 pack of Diet Coke.

I grabbed out a bowl of popcorn from the microwave and 2 bags of chips. I popped open a coke and sat back on the couch with Max. We were going to watch some cheesy 1990 ghost stories which my dad was intrested in.

The title popped up with the scary music. "Oooooooh!!!!" Max mimicked making us both crack up. But we stopped laughing as the movie progressed. The movie was actually pretty creepy. By the end, we were silent.

"That wasn't scary at all!" Max said in a unconvincing voice.
"Yeah." I said, even in a more scared voice.
When I slept in the bed with Max snoring on the floor next to me, my head was filled with portaits flashing into skeletons and bloodcurdling screams. I slept but woke up later.

11:13 p.m.

I heard a faint hissing sound and silence. Next, several booms were heard down stairs. I pulled up the covers in fright. Silence. I froze, listening for the slightest sounds or hisses but there was only the snoring of Max. It must've been my imagination, from seeing the movie, I told myself.
I still had my doubts, however...


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