By chance (a 1D love story)

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Chapter 1

The accident

"NIALL NIALL COME BACK"I screamed behind him I was running down the main road after him .
I saw him cross the road and I followed
"NIA ahhhhhhhhhh"I screamed when

2 hours earlyier
"I gotta go I'm sleeping over in my friends house tonight "I complained
"noooooo"screamed Louis
"we don't want are little Molly to go "he screamed and he grabed my legs.
"Styles help me here"I said
"I'm busy "he shouted from his bedroom
"Liam"I asked
"one sec"he said playing mario bros against Zayn
"niallllll"I screamed at him
"yah what "he said startled because I had just woken him from his 'nap'
"get Louis of me"I complained
"I need to go"
"sure "he said talking Louis to the ground
"BYE " I screamed
"wait "said Niall
And he ran over to me where's my goodbye kiss he asked
I kissed him on the lips for a second then let go
" I need to go "I siad and I grabed my keys and left
I was walking down the corador when I bumped into someone
"oh sorry"I said
"oh hi Molly it's okay"said Ben he lives down the coridor to the boys
"hi Ben are you taking the elevator to "I asked
"ya" he said
We both got into the elevator
"Molly I've been wanting to tell you somthing for a long time but I never knew how to put it"he said
"and what would that be benson"I asked joking around but just then he started kissing me I was trying to push him away but he wouldnt back away I tried kicking and punching they didn't work either
Then the elevator doors opened and I saw Niall standing there:-/

hope you guys licked it
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