Confessions of a Starkid Sibling

Starting fresh with a new author, TheNerdBrooke!

Era Holden and Kellan Walker are Starkid siblings. Of course, they get up to shenanigans with the rest of the group.

Chapter 1

Getting Started

I ran my hand through my hair as I debated which shirt to buy. The choices were either a red plaid one or a pink and grey plaid one. I pulled my phone out to ask my friend Era.
Which one??? With a picture. She replied almost right away with her answer.
Red. I picked the red one up and headed to line to make my purchase.

"I'm back!" I called as I walked through the front door of Starkid Manor. Silence greeted me.
"Feeling the love guys, thanks."I mumbled. I turned the corner into the living room.
I screamed like I was being murdered.
"Joe you as/s/!" I shouted at my brother, Joe Walker.
"Love you too, Kellan." He replied.
"Hey you're the one who almost killed me." I sat down on the couch." Where's Era?"
"Right here!" she said in a sing song voice as she entered the room. I considered Era Holden to be my best friend; we had met because her brother Brian and my brother Joe went to U of M together. We didn't get along at first because our brothers kept bringing us together and thought that since we're both girls of the same age we would become best friends. However the opposite happened. We got together, we argued and our brothers kept forcing us together. Eventually we realized the only reason we argued was because our brothers made us hang out. We started making plans without our brothers and really got to know each other.
"Hey Era." I said
"What did you buy?" she asked
"That plaid shirt, a pair of boots, and a pair of heels." I responded, ticking the items off on my fingers.
"Let me see!" she said excitedly. I pulled the items out of their bags and handed them to her.
"You have to break these in tonight!" she exclaimed as I handed her the heels.
"I can't. I have work tomorrow morning." I replied. I worked at a dance studio, as a substitute and in the office. I had the morning shift which started at 10:30am. Era pouted.
"Next time I'll wear them." I reasoned.
"Yay! Okay." At that moment one of my brothers best friends Joey Richter walked in the room. He gave a small wave and sat next to Era on the couch.
"Did you really buy more clothes?" he asked. I was always buying stuff. Usually it was food or useless crap, and occasionally clothes.
"Yeah, is that a problem?" I asked.
"No but you're almost always coming home with something."
"So? It's my money." Joey sighed.
"Well I'm hungry." With that, he walked into the kitchen and began to rummage through the cupboards.
"So that's about it." I said, putting my items back in the bag. Joe got up and left the room. I flicked the television on. There seemed to be nothing on but documentaries.
"Is it really necessary to have twelve documentaries on zebras?!" I exclaimed. I shut off the TV nothing peaked my interest. Joey returned with crackers. I reached over and stole a few.
"Thanks Joey." I smirked. Era giggled. Joey rolled his eyes. and I were always like this. One of us would say something not even remotely funny and the other would laugh.
"Let's watch a movie." Era suggested.
"BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!" I shouted. I jumped up and grabbed the movie. I inserted it into the player. Era set up the TV for it to play the movie. I sat back down. Era and Joey sang along , I even joined in until they yelled at me to shut up. I blushed. I could not sing even if the world depended on it. The rest of the day was spent watching and singing Disney.

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