Dreams Start Now (A One Direction Love Story)

hey, so I am still doing Hunger Games one-shots and I am starting to do Twilight one-shots 2!! so, comment with character info! enjoi the story.

i love 1D!,


Chapter 2

Why Does He Keep Looking At Me?

I finally found Marina after 20 minutes of looking around. It appears she was looking at hand bags to go with her "amazing" skirt. Seriously, sometimes I worry about her. "Hurry and buy the skirt! I'm hungry! I skipped breakfast for you." "Yeah, yeah. You need to learn how to stop whining.Please go get me a shopping cart." I exaggerated a little bit. I made it look like I had been walking in the desert for days without water or food. "You make everything complicated!" she said, grabbing the shopping cart, and putting girly items in it. "Why you gotta make things so complicated. I see the way you're acting like somebody else gets me frustrated." I sang the annoying song "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne. "Shut up!" she yelled, pretending to be irritated. I heard a laugh behind me. I turned around to find Liam blushing once he saw me looking at him. I made Liam Payne blush!!!!!!

After what felt like a century, Marina was finally done shopping or shall I say, "stuffing random things in a cart and stuffing it in my room when I get home".
I actually think about what I am buying when something. I only put random things in a cart if I am extremely happy, or if I feel like shopping. Other than that, I don't like shopping. She paid for the pink mini skirt, black knee-high converse, a pink hand bag, and new perfume that smells lke i lavender. It smells good, just not my favorite scent.

We were walking around the mall, until we entered a Nando's. Marina and I ordered what we wanted and sat down by 4 guys. I looked over them to find a blonde, a red-head, a brunette with curly hair, and the last one had a, actually I don't know how to describe it. (A/N: you kno what Zayn looks like. I don't know how to describe his hair!srry!) It was black though. It looked really hot. Wait a minute, a curly haired guy with brown hair, a\the black haired one, a red-head, and a blonde, eating at Nando's. HOLY FREAK!!!!!!

IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The brown haired one , which is definitely Harry, kept looking at Marina . I then saw Liam sit down with the wicked witch of the west. She sent a glare at me, which is my cue of looking away. I looked at Marina and started talking and laughing. We were 2 tables away from them. In the corner of my eye, I saw Liam looking at me. Why does he keep looking at me? I'm just a regular girl, on a regular day, sitting by a famous group of British singers.

I pulled out my iPhone and started playing Nyan Cat: Lost in Space. I was about to beat my high score when I heard, "Here's your food. Enjoy." We ate our food peacefully and kept sending glances at the 1D table.

We paid and left 15 minutes later. As we were exiting the restaurant, I sent one more glance at Liam, hopeful he wouldn't catch it. Well ,not so lucky me. He looked my direction and winked then smiled. The other boys must have noticed because they turned their heads in our direction. I blushed not looking up to see their faces. I did on accident to them smiling at us and winking. The girl on Liam's lap glared at me and flipped me off! I smiled at them, turned around, and went to a different store. Somebody's jealous of me!!!!!!!

okay, I am now doin 1D one-shots!!!!!!!!!!!! message me or comment on the story with character information and I'll do you a one-shot!

see u,


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