Important Message !!!!!! Please Read! It actually is very important!

Chapter 1

Im Going to Be Gone for a While......

Hey guys! Well, for the very few of you who actually are reading this, thank you. I have been planning a trip with my grandmother for a few years now. She said that she will take each one of me, my siblings, and my cousins (6 total) to anywhere in the world we want to go, as long as its reasonable (nothing like : the sahara , antartica, ect) . One of my cousins has already gone, and Im next. I leave on Friday to go to her house in California ( I live in Hawaii) . I fly there on Friday (June 1) and stay until the 5th. On the 5th, we will be flying to......EUROPE!!!! I am very excited. We're going to be in Italy, Switzerland, and France. I officialy get back on June 22. Thats about 3 weeks. I know that its a long time. Im not going to ask you to eliminate any messages you send me, I just wanted you guys to understand the reason I wont be responding for a while :) . Im going to miss you guys a lot! I promise Im not ignoring you. I am going to be able to be on a lot more often because im on Summer break. Just please understand that I am not ignoring you! I love you guys way to much to ignore you! :) Anyway, that is why i wont be responding for a while. I will have to go through all of my 3 weeks of messages, plus the 544 messages I have now when I get back, so.....yeah, not really looking forward to that. Hope you guys all understand! Love you guys! :)



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