"Somebody help me i'm being spontaneous!" (:

Chapter 1


by: Roger_
Okay, so ive been thinking over this weekend about what i'm going to do over the summer since im not going anywhere. I was thinking about it on Saturday actually because I was at the lake sitting on a blanket alone (long story, not really i just don't want to tell you :P) and like all these story ideas popped into my head and i got so exsided! So thats what im doing all this summer, writing stories, searching for my brithday presents, and hanging out with the fam, playing softball, yada yada! All that crazyy shiz.

ANYWHO, ya wanna hear about my multiple story ideas?? :D

okay here we go:

1) The Beatles as dads: Now let me explain, i was taking this quiz on quizzilla or however you spell it and it was called which beatle would disown you as their child or something like that and it was so interesting! If i do write about it, its gonna be about all 4 Beatles' (fictional) daughters and their problems with their dads, it won't be serious, it'll be funny kinda.

2) An original interracial story thats set in the 60s which makes it more interesting. Now how many of those do you see around? None, exactly. That's why i want to write it, i want to be different, just like the story may or may not be! I don't know exactly what its going to be about though. That was a line, yes i do, i just don't feel like typing it.

3) My imagination. Yupp, thats right, a story that'll let you into my world inside my head where i live. It may sound weird, but to me its very interesting. The people i love (R. Taylor, P. McCartney, ect.) are playing different roles in my life other than musicians that i idolize (spellcheck). If that makes sense? Oh well.

4) You're not too old for dolls Omg, this is like one of the first stories ive ever wrote, its quite interesting if you ask me. Its kinda like the movie Life Size with Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan and she buys a doll that comes to life. Well i did that, but in my story its the posters on my wall come to life during the night. It includes (of course) Queen and The Beatles. When i first wrote it, they were dolls like barbie dolls, but that was boring. So mine is like Life Size and Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure put together, ya know?

Well those are my story ideeas, and there are many more but i don't want to get into them that much. And i need your help, can you tell me which one you'd like to read the most? I'm gonna end up writing all 4 because i want to, but id just like your opinion! Thanks! :D

Peace and Love, and "God Bless Use" XD


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