Just My Luck (one direction )

Just My Luck (one direction )

Short black hair
Tall and slim
Job- Model
doesn't have any friends but it doesn't worry her.

Chapter 1

" Hi "

I left the house and decided since I had a day off I'd take a walk in the park and try to find something fun to do.
"Hello madam would you like one of these" a man in a suit said with a piece of paper in his hand.
"Sure why not!" I said taking it.
I read over it to see what it was,apparently there was a fair tonight.I thought about it over and over thinking 'when was the last time I went to a fair?', nothing seemed to click,maybe it has been a long time since I went to a fair. 'I'm going' I thought to myself.
I walked home taking my time enjoying the park thinking about how fun tonight was going to be.I made it home around 4pm and decided to clean by the time I was finished it was 5pm so made my way upstairs to find clothes.
I opened my closet
"Hi please don't scream" said Harry who had very curly hair ,green eyes and a beautiful smile
"Ahhh.........what are you doing in .....my closet?" I said.
" I'm Harry Styles" he said smiling.
"Uhmm do I know you?" I said knowing who he was but acting like I had no idea who he was .
"You don't know who I am? from One Direction?" he asked
"No I have no clue who you are" I said walking to my bathroom
"What the hell are you doing in my bathroom?" I asked as I found Niall this one was blonde,blue eyes and very small .
"Sorry the boys locked me in here when we were trying to hide" he said walking over to Harry.
"Oh so that makes this situation better" I said "WAIT......you said boys are ther more?" I asked acting slightly annoyed
I watched as Louis appeared out of my closet he had brown hair,blue eyes and a very impressing smile, Zayn slid out from under my bed he had black hair,brown eyes and seemed a bit annoyed.
" Thanks alot Harry for making me hide under the bed ......now look at my hair" he said walking past me to look in the mirror.
" Is that all of you guys" I said looking around.
I waited as I saw all the boys looking around.I wondered where Liam was.
"Guys let me out" I heard a voice coming from my large chest.
I walked over and unlocked the chest and helped the Liam out he was the same height as Harry ,brown hair and brown eyes.I walked over to my closet grabbed my black jeans with a black shirt ,a belt and my black stilettos. I walked to my bathroom got dressed and came back out.
"So explain why you five guys are in my house" I said walking back to the bathroom and putting on my make up.
"Well we are a band called One Direction I can't belive you haven't heard of it" he said confussed.
I walked out smiling and stopped and looked at them.
"what?" the guys said looking at me.
"I know who you are Hazza,Lou,Nialler,Bradford bad boi and of course Daddy Directioner.It's just the question why are you in my house?" I said sitting on my bed.
"Well long story short we were chassed by a Fan group and this seemed like the best place to hide" Liam said looking at me
"Oh well..............are you staying for the night?........do you want to stay for the night?" I asked I didn't know what to say to your idols, to the people you loved.
"Well that depends do you have food?" Niall said smiling.
"In the kitchen" I said pointing out my door.
"Do you have carrots?" Louis asked
"Of course.What house doesn't have carrots?" I said smiling while lou walked out the door.
"Hey Zayn just thought I should mention I have COD in the lounge room" I smiled as Zayn walked out towards the lounge room.
"Well this is nice your letting us stay but it looks like your going out" Harry said
I watched Liam walk to the lounge room, I figured he would play COD with Zayn.
"I was just going to go to the fair but I don't need to go" I said standing up.
"Can I take you to the fair?" Harry asked.
"Are you serious? Why would you want to go to the fair with me?" I asked confussed.
"Well the boys will live without me and you look mighty fine It would be a pleasure taking you" he said smiling.
"Sure if you would like to take me you can" I went to the closet and pulled out the spare blankets for the boys, I fixed my hair and grabbed my keys and bag and headed out with Harry.

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