Another Outsiders Love Story

Another Outsiders Love Story

Ok so first off i'm going to make my love story about Ponyboy. He was the main guy and he never got a girl. Besides Ponyboy is MY favorite so this one is for Pony's fan girls I hope you like!

Chapter 1

Ricky Jones

"MA!", I cried as I ran up the porch steps. I looked around our old living room and shook my head in disappointment. As usual no Ma. "Maybe she went out to get groceries?", I thought. Who was I kidding? She was probably out screwing a drunk. My mother. She wasn't there for me and she never would be.
"RYAN!," I screamed up the stairs. I heard the clop of heels and knew my older sister was going out. "What Ricky?!," she shouted back. I looked back up the stairs at my sister. She was tall and slender like Dad was. She had Ma's blonde hair pulled back and was wearing a fancy dress. "Whoa, where you going?", I asked her. She walked down the stairs with the grace and elegance I'd never have. My sister could be a Soc if she had the fancy house and clothes to proove it. She definately looked like one. I looked down at my ripped up white tee and my grass-stained jeans.
"I'm going out, Ricks.", Ryan said calling my attention back to the matter at hand. "Where?," I said questioningly. "Two-Bit Matthews promised me a good time tonight.", she replied beaming. I rolled my eyes Two-Bit had liked my sister for months but she was only interested if he was payin. She also got that from Ma. I heard the horn from Two-Bit's old car and Ryan rushed out the door. "But I..", "and watch after Ronny!", she shouted as Two-Bit grinning like a cheschire cat drove off.
I sighed. So much for going to the movies. I heard from Ponyboy Curtis that Paul Newman's new movie was to die for. I was a sucker for his blue eyes. I shrugged and bounded up the stairs to see my 5-year-old sister Ronny playing with an old doll. "Well hey sugar, whatcha got there?" I asked my sister smiling. Ronny looked up at me and giggled "My dollie is shopping for a pretty dress." she said."What color is she looking for?" I asked her. "Yellow", Ronny said as dollie went back to looking for her dress. I ruffled Ronny's blonde hair and walked back down the stairs. I heard a knock on the door and hurried over and unlocked the old thing. "PONYBOY CURTIS!", I scolded,"Do you have any idea what time it is?!". "I'm sorry Rick but it's Johnny.", He stepped out of the way and Johnny came into view. His face was swollen and his leather jacket was shredded almost. His knuckles were bloody and he looked like he was going to pass out on my porch at any second. "JOHNNY!", I yelled. I pulled Johnny and Ponyboy into the living room and ran into the kitchen to get some ice. "What happened?" I asked. Ponyboy looked at me with anger making his face turn red."Socs."

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