Important... So Read it...

Lala ^^^

Chapter 1

A Few Things...

by: PandaaPie
1. A lot of people do it, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to write in my About Me. You can erase what I have written, introduce yourself, yada yada you get it. If multiple people want to write in it then you can take turns and divide it in sections. I will change my password afterword though... so tell me if you want to

2. Also... i'm just saying to nobody in particular that you need to stop making these stories about deleting. Its fine if your saying goodbye and deleting right after.... but most of them say 'bye. Im sick of this. Deleting.' And then I click on their profile and guess what? They didnt delete. So if you make one of those stories, then do it! Dont wait for a response. Just saying.

K thats it. Baiiii

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