For my ex

Chapter 1

For Michael

Dear Michael,

My heart in pieces on the bloody floor,
Your love is gone, it ain't there no more,
But I'm keeping the memories,
I'm keeping the happy memories.

Stomach beaten black and blue,
I won't tell that it was you,
But you have to go right now,
You have to go straight away, now.

If I said I loved you you'd say you hate me,
That's okay, you still agreed to date me,
But this love ain't new no more,
This love ain't shiny and new no more.

Left me fore her, that skankified bitch,
Can't believe you broke me for that witch,
But I love you still with all my heart,
Yes I love you with all the broken pieces of my heart.

I will always love you. Even though you ripped my heart out and broke it into a million pieces. I will always love you with every single one of those millions of pieces.



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