The Missing Country (A Hetalia Story)

Goooooo PASTA!!!

Chapter 1


Representing Country: Atlantis

Capital City: Tilnas

Human Name: Yinagura Meeno

Origin of Name: Yinagura means startling beauty and Meeno means fiercesome warrior.

Nicknames: Yin

Physical Age: about 4

Actual Age: about 500 years

Birthday: She doesn't know

Languages: Atlantean but she can speak most all other languages.

Population: around 500,000

Floral Emblem: Fiery Dragon Blossom, will get a picture later.

National Animal: Leviethan

National Holiday: Mabelnook (May-bull-nook)

National Dish: Grilled Squid

Religion: Believes in gods and goddesses

Flag: a simple light blue flag with a spear and a shining white crystal on it. The spear is for strength and the crystal represents their healing powers.

Hair Colour & Style: Her hair is snow white. Down the sides, near her bangs, hand braids and the rest is down.

Eye Colour: Left eye is a really pale blue, almost white and her right is sea-green.

Skin Tone: Copper-skinned

Height: about the average height of a 4 year old child

Weight: she is skinny

Body Type: petite

Anything that Represents You?: Her Tas, which is a curl like America's Nantucket.

Love Interest: none yet

Enemies: none yet

World Meetings: hates and loves them. She hates that everyone fights but loves meeting everyone.

War: She doesn't like war but will do what she can.

Alliances: Germany, Japan, and Italy

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