The life of Mary-Sue ~An exasperatingly perfect tale~

I have no idea where I'm going with this. Maybe to instill a hatred of Mary-Sues in all readers and writers, or just to have fun :D

Chapter 1

The first chapter of this story.

Hi, I'm Mary-Sue. Right now I'm trying to pick what to wear to school. And gazing at my face in the mirror, of course. My pretty sky-blue eyes, long eyelashes, with a perfect nose, rosy cheeks, little pink lips and fluffy, bouncy blonde hair tumbling down my shoulders were what you'd expect to see in a magazine. No wonder everyone would stop and stare wherever I went. I'm taller than an average 16-year-old girl, and very skinny. I'm perfect.

After trying on a dozen outfits that were all gorgeous, I decided on a darling blue dress that brought out the color of my eyes, and shoes to match. I twisted my hair into a fancy hairstyle and then got on to make-up. Mascara, lip-gloss, a bit of eye-shadow and blush. After one final look in the mirror to make sure I looked alright, I took my bag and got out of my cool, lounge-like room.

"Good morning, Mary-Sue," my mum, Sara said.
"Good morning, Sara," I replied cheerfully.

After a light breakfast of fruits and toast I got out, to wait for the bus.

A few minutes later the bus showed up, and the driver greeted me in a very friendly way. And the usual wolf-whistles and cheers from the guys on the bus.

I went to my usual seat in the back, next to Chris, my boyfriend. Chris was a quarterback, and very popular at school. He was really cute, too. But of course, I'd dump him on the next Monday. Since so many boys asked me out, I decided it was only fair that I dated every boy for two weeks only.

"Hey," Chris said, grinning eagerly.
"Hi," I said.
He leaned over to kiss me, and then started talking about the next game their team was playing and some other stuff I lost track of. I found it very cute how boys started babbling like idiots around me.

I eventually started talking to Megan, my friend/follower about my new bag, and listened to her compliment me about my hair, make-up, outfit, etc.

We reached school, and I got off with Chris. The irritating thing about boys was they followed me everywhere.

I went over to some other 'friends' of mine, Natalie and Kate. They all gushed over my outfit, and kept talking about some holiday homes and expensive gifts to impress me. Soon enough I got bored, and it was time for the first class. English.

A boy named David, who also had English came up to me.

"Mary-Sue? I was thinking, since we both had English, maybe I could walk you there..." He said nervously.
Poor, poor boy. I decided to be nice to him.

"Sure," I said, flashing him a dazzling smile.

He seemed thrilled, even though the class was just a minute away. I saw Chris from the corner of my eye, who didn't look too happy.

He came up to us, and said- "What are you doing?" he looked like he was about to beat up David.
"Chris, you have a class now, you really should be going... everything's okay, really," I purred, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Okay..." he replied, and went off, dazed.

We were a bit late to class, but Mr. Roberts doesn't seem to mind. Not for me, anyway. He smiled at me, and once I went to my seat he spoke to Daniel-
"You're late for class. I hope you have a reasonable explanation for this."

"Uh-sir, I...." Daniel trailed off. After Daniel getting yelled at about the importance of punctuality and blah blah blah, class started.

It was pretty easy, I was excellent at studying. A straight A student.

The rest of the day went by in the same way, me getting everything right and everyone gushing over me.

At lunch I sat at the 'popular' table, with Chris, my other friends, and all Chris's jock friends.

Chris put his arm around me and told me that he's got a surprise for me on Friday, which was tomorrow.

I squealed with delight, because I love surprises. I also noticed that Chris's 'best friend' Liam was staring at me. There would be nothing strange about this- guys stared at me all the time, except for the fact that when he noticed that I was looking at him, he grinned and mouthed the words "Meet me outside after school".

After lunch we had a few more classes, then PE. I'm a natural at sports, especially volleyball.

I changed into a cute sports outfit and re-did my hair, then it was time to play.

I had loads of fun, though the others in my team didn't get to do a lot. Our team won, 4-0 quite easily.

Then school was over, and Chris was waiting for me.
"I left something in my locker," I said.
"I'll get it for you," Chris jumped at the chance.
"You don't know my locker combination," I reminded him.
"Oh yeah.."

I walked to the back, where I knew Liam would be waiting. I saw him there.
"So..." I trailed off.
He looked up and saw me. He grinned and came toward me.
"Hey..." he said.
"Hi?" I replied uncertainly.
He cupped my chin in his hand, and kissed me.
"What was that for?" I asked, even though the answer was obvious.
"You know.." he said, and kissed me again, this time for longer. It felt great, and I forgot about Chris completely.

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