Warriors: Snowclan: Book 1: The Struggle

A little kit named Hollykit, and her sister Honeykit are very curious kits. Their mother Winterfur is the only adult left in theire family. They were kicked out of Skyclan for no reason. Now they are struggleing to survive. Honeykit has honey coulored fur and blue eyes. Hollykit has grey fur and green eyes. Theire mother Winterfur has white fur and blue eyes. Theire father Rock died when they were two days old. Theire mother greived over him from time to time. The kits will be lead to destiny!

Chapter 1

Chapter One!

"Mommy! Whats happening?" Hollykit asked, the most energetic of them even if they were banished from Skyclan. "Nothing. Go to sleep Hollykit." Winterfur said.
"But I'm not tiered!" she rotesed in a squeak.
"Go to sleep you noisey fur-ball!" Honeykit whined.
"Shush, you too!" Winterfur said slightly annoyed. She burried her kits under her belly to warm them. It was in the middle of winter and they were in a not very well sheltered cave. The icy wind swieled around them like cold claws ready to slash them all. She had to protect the kits, Rock said. The two of them finaly sleept. Winterfur had almost gone to sleep when there was suddenly three dark shadows entering the cave. Winterfur took her kits to the darkest area she could find. In walked three cats. Their fur was fluffed up against the cold. One kit staggered along as they encouraged it. It collapsed on the floor. The she-cat looked down at the helpless scrap and started to lick its fur soothingly.
Poor thing, Winterfur thought.
They did not seem to pose any threat so she stepped out of her hiding place. The tom quickly jumped in-front of the kit and its mother, letting out a warning hiss. Winterfur flicked her tail to signal no harm. He relaxed but his fur still bristled.
"Who are you?" Winterfur asked.
"I am Thorn, and this is my mate Coralpelt and our kit Ash." he meowed and puffed out his chest. The she-cat looked up from her licking. Her eyes were drowning in sorrow.
"We will leave now as it seems you have come here before us." she meowed.
Winterfur shook her head.
"I'm Winterfur. Over there are my two kits, Honeykit and Hollykit." she said. She flicked her tail in the direction of her kits. "You can stay as long as you like. If you want you can put your kit over there."
Coralpelt nodded greatfully. "Thankyou" she meowed.
"Are you from a clan?" Winterfur asked Coralpelt. The grey she-cat nodded. "I am from Hollowclan. I had two other kits, but they died on the journey. I left because when our leader Slopestar died our deputy Clawmark took his place. He loved blood-shed and fighting. I could not see my kids grow up there and die for nothing." she finnished.
Whitefur nodded, understanding.
"I was banished from Skyclan. Its hard. May Starclan always be with us." she prayed. Winterfur and Coralpelt shared tonges and then went to sleep.


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