How Spectra died

Summary: This is my version of how Penelope Spectra died.

Chapter 1

How Spectra died

by: Ardelia
Penelope Spectra locked her office door and sighed. Her four o'clock had been a tough one. This young man had abandonment issues with his mother, since he was adopted. She had been trying to talk him into looking for her. He had

been refusing to, saying he didn't want to find her. She had given him up for adoption and didn't want him. He shouldn't bother himself looking for her.
He would have to find her to work through the issues with her. Dr. Spectra went to the elevators. She studied her reflection in the doors. She was beginning to
look old.
She needed to work on looking young. She had heard that people who fed off of other people's misery looked years younger. She needed to learn how
to do that.
She went out to her car and unlocked it, still thinking of how to feed of people's misery. She was thinking so hard on it that she didn't notice the car
in front of her had suddenly stopped.
She rear-ended it, and her head went through the windshield. Some bystander called nine-one-one, but by the time
the ambulance got there, Penelope Spectra had passed away.
She woke up to find herself in the Ghost Zone, in front of the sign-in desk.

"Name?" the old man asked her.

"Penelope Spectra."


"Twenty-nine. Where am I?"

"The Ghost Zone. You're dead."

"But I have to find out how to stay young-looking! I can't be dead!"

"Relax, you're a ghost. If you find a Ghost Portal, you can take over someone's body and keep looking for that 'Fountain of Youth.' "

So Penelope Spectra started to look for her 'Fountain of youth'. She decided to start by using the misery of teen –agers. She met another ghost-Bertrand- who also wanted to keep looking young. He became her assistant.


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