The Heart Bleeders

The Heart Bleeders

In the small town of Endo, mysterious deaths and disappearances begin to happen around the same time new residents moves into an old abandoned mansion near the woods. A special kind of visitors looking for a mate and human food until the sunrise. Tatsuro Kitagawa, a young boy living in Endo begins to experience the strange happenings all around especially after one night gone wrong that changes his life forever…mostly human life.

Chapter 1

First Bad Luck

(Winter/ 10:45pm)

“MADOKA! HEY!! Where are you?!” A man shouted loud from his lungs as the whole town of men yelled in search of a missing girl and women left behind to worry in fear. “PLEASE ANSWER US!! MADOKA!! Another man shouted all around with his flashlight where the light soon shinned upon a pale flesh of skin with half the body under water and other in a blood of snow. The sound of nothing but crickets filling the air as the night gave off a strange and calm atmosphere with a girl devoured into the darkness. The first death to fall near a peaceful small town with ten more right afterwards…****

In the beautiful morning of Endo town at the Kitagawa household, a young boy begin to awaken from his sleep as the warm light touched his face and alarm clock went off. “Mmmm..? Gah!! I overslept again!” Tatsuro yelled jumping out of bed and throwing off his clothes, going straight into the shower. “Alright got some time now, wonder what to eat today?” Tatsuro said smiling all dressed in the mirror and closed his bedroom door. As Tatsuro walked down the hall he stopped and gazed at a photo of him and his mom, letting out a small pain in his eyes and went into the kitchen. “…just never come home anymore…do you dad?’ Tatsuro said angry reading a note off the table. (Sorry, duty calls for my patients, stop by though, and have a good day- Mr. Kitagawa).

Tatsuro put on his shoes by the door and lifted up his backpack only to be shock by the weight and smiled sitting it down to open it. “Silly cat, you can’t go to school with me” Tatsuro smiled cheerfully picking up a pretty black cat and putting him down gently. “I’ll will return soon, just relax and be lazy like all cats heh” Tatsuro laughed and left on his way to school. As he walked through half the town abit with the school just a few minutes away he stopped sighing and smiled looking from behind to see his cat had been following him every step. “Presto, what’s wrong? I told you I’m fine and be back soon, okay?” Tatsuro smiled rubbing his fur and left into the building with Presto leaving too but kept watched in the shadows.

Inside the school in a classroom chatting was good friends Ryoma and Eichiro, walking in to sit in the back quietly in thought was the deeply handsome Hiromasa. Finally last to slide the door open just before the finale morning bell was Tatsuro out of breath abit with a thumbs up big smile. “I made it, heh!” Tatsuro cheerfully said and his friends smiled. After a short break of class during lunchtime Tatsuro hanged out in their favorite spot, an old classroom to hang out.

“Hey did you hear? We got new neighbors coming to town” Ryoma said with a smirk. “What? Really?!” Tatsuro shouted in shock with excitement. “Yep, me too, I heard they should arrive some time in the very morning” Eichiro added as he drinked his soda. “Oh yeah get this, they are say to be moving into the old mansion on the hill by the woods!” Ryoma said still in surprise himself. “Awesome! That is the best news I have ever heard in a while” Tatsuro said very thrilled. “Nope this is, we are gonna have a camp out to be the first to check them out” Eichiro said with a smile. Tatsuro let out a big smile and cheerfully made a toast up of sodas with his friends happily.

During the sunset, Tatsuro walked home only to go inside where it was still empty and quiet like he left it with just the old photos of his once great life with his mom and even dad too. “…I’m home...I guess...” Tatsuro said sadly but quickly shook it off to head to his room to pack. “Hmm... oh yeah, yup that should be it” Tatsuro said in thought packing a flashlight with his things to take on the camp out. Before he took off he left milk out for Presto who strangely was not home, even looked around outside where eyes was on him from a far. “Oh cat is unpredictable...Time to go!” Tatsuro happily said leaving his home again but this time heading to the woods of Endo town. Following behind was something in the shadows keeping right on track.

In moments the boys was all set in a spot in the woods with a good view of the old mansion, Tatsuro excited still reading his comics along with Eichiro as Ryoma took the first watch around for anything coming. “This is actually nice” Eichiro smiled relaxing upon his back starring up at the stars. “Same here, I really need some excitement…my life has stopped since my mom passing” Tatsuro said looking down that made Eichiro touch his shoulder. “We know, shame about your dad’s lack of time at home just because he is a doctor no excuse abandoning your child, I’m here besides… I been there as an orphan you know” Eichiro let out a kind smile and Tatsuro smiled back relaxing. Suddenly like in slow motion Ryoma ran pass his friends in fear yelling them to run as dark figures were just ahead from behind. Tatsuro eyes grew wide in traumatic terror and screams filled the wind for a couple of hours.

(Endo Town/Woods/11:00pm)

The night was once again in a calm atmosphere and the wind begins to blow a cold gentle breeze all among the woods. Presto appeared sniffing in the woods and meowing loud with his eyes glowing bright in the darkness. In the middle of the woods lying on the ground in a complete pale unconscious and traumatized form was Tatsuro. Presto walked on top of Tatsuro and sat upon his once breathing cheast. “…MEOOOOOW!” Presto let out deep low scream that lead to a sudden loud heart from Tatsuro’s chest. Presto then gave out one more wailingsound that made another beat happen from Tatsuro’s chest and he jumped over Tatsuro’s body.****

In the beginning of a sudden morning Tatsuro had slowly woken up to find himself back home and in bed with Presto sleeping under the bed gently in peace. “What happen…how I got here...why can’t I remember?” Tatsuro said weakly as he sat up holding his head. “Hmmm…what’s going on? My chest feels heavy…” Tatsuro said in confusion that lead him to feel two strong yet abnormal heart beats and in shock gripped his shirt of his chest. Tatsuro reached for his cellphone to call Ryoma but got no signal and went outside for better luck.

To Tatsuro’s surprise he saw to elderly women walk him, dressed in black and in great pain that scared inside Tatsuro’s drop his phone on the ground. “I’m so sorry dear…about Ryoma” One woman said squeezing Tatsuro’s hand. “…I’ll pray for Eichiro, take care precious, so sorry” The other woman said and left with her sister leaving Tatsuro frozen in shock with two tear drops falling down on a weak heated flower. “How…?! I remember! But I was there too…I’m alive..?” Tatsuro said even more shock standing in his mirror. A sudden memory appeared of Tatsuro running through woods very fast following Presto until the crossing of a street where a bright light appeared making Tatsuro looked to the side to see a van.

The guy driving the van had quickly stopped looking in his mirror to see he hit Tatsuro. “Jeez...just got here... and a mess to clean up” The guy said sighing but then let out a very surprised look as Tatsuro got up with the sound of his bones cracking as if they went back to normal and went on his way after a glare at the guy. “Well…that was unexpected” They guy grinned with his eyes glowing from his black shades. “Did that happen…?” Tatsuro said snapping out of it still in the mirror. The memory was gone yet still with Tatsuro conflicted and slowly lifted up his shirt but to his amazement he had no bruise or bone problem. ♥

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