The Hunger Games Feast (Clove's P.O.V.) Please read introduction first!

Okay, this isn't how it actually happened, it's how I wanted it to happen. If you comment saying that none of this really happened, I know that you skipped reading the introduction like I asked. Hope you like :D Don't hate me for what happens!! Well, maybe some of this happens, but not all of it.

Chapter 1

The Feast

I wait behind the bushes, looking for a victim. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the redhead from Five grab her backpack and run. I curse and continue looking. I think about Cato. He's probably killing Thresh right now. I see the Fire Girl running towards the Cornucopia, and I don't waste a second. I throw a knife at her, and have perfect aim. She immediately grabs her backpack and blocks it. Again? I run full speed towards her and tackle her. She tries to shoot an arrow, but fails. I raise my knife to try and stab her, but she grabs it and tries to hit me with it. I take another one, and keep trying. She is struggling under my weight, and finally gives up trying to escape. I smirk and put my knife to her throat, hard enough to make her bleed. "Where's your boyfriend 12?" I ask. She tries to say something, but can't. "Probably dead!" I sneer. "Well, why don't I make you happy and let you join him?" I'm about to kill her, when a strong force throws me off of her and on to the ground. It's Thresh. He tells the Fire Girl to run, but she can't get up. He picks me up and holds me against the Cornucopia. "Why was you gonna kill her?" he asks. "She never did nothing to you." I don't say anything. "ANSWER ME!" he screams with a powerful force. I still say nothing, and he looks angry. I'm still in shock. I scream for Cato, and I hear him scream for me. I hear pounding footsteps, but I know it's too late. Thresh lifts my body up high, but drops me. He falls to the ground under his feet, and his eyes are blank. His cannon booms. I lay on the ground, and see a familiar person standing above me. "Cato!" I shout. I jump up and hug him, almost squeezing him to death. He hugs back, and we nod at each other, as if reading each other's minds. We walk over to the Girl Who Should Be Set On Fire, and wave to her. I dig my knife into her chest, and she lays there motionless. Her cannon booms, and a smile shows on my face. "We did it!" I scream. "I KILLED THE GIRL ON FIRE!" I say it almost loud enough to echo through the arena, so that Lover Boy can hear. Now, Cato and I are the only team left. We will win.

Hey everybody reading! I wrote this because I love Clove, and I hated seeing her die. If I get 5 or more comments, maybe I will do a whole Clato love story. Thanks for reading! :)


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