I Think I Need A Doctor (Doctor Who/Tenth Doctor fanfic)

No, it isnt a one-shot haha

Chapter 1

The End

"Martha, listen to me," The Doctor said, gently grabbing Martha's soft cheeks, pulling her wet face to face his. "I have to do this...I have to do this to save you. You'll die, Martha...and we can't have that can we?" Martha continued to weep uncontrollably, so The Doctor pulled her into a close, tight hug. It was almost as beautiful as one of the tender, loving embraces he used to get from Rose, but not quite.
"But..." Martha mumbled through tears, pulling from his loose grip. "But I love you." For a second The Doctor starred at Martha in a confused mannor, but then his face softened and he sweetly stated,
"I know." Then, he turned towards the edge of the deep red canyon. Just before he could fall, he spun around and said one last thing,
"And I'm sorry...I'm so sorry." For a moment, he starred at the hectic mass chaos going on behind Martha. The chaos that, for once, he was unable to control. Then, he glanced at Martha, whose face was streaked with tears, her eyes a veiny light red. Suddenly, a building came falling toward Martha and The Doctor screamed in terror, lunging towards her, but he couldn't grab her in time. Someone had dove on top of him and yanked him over the edge of the cliff before he could save Martha. The last thing he saw was Martha screaming "NO!" at the top of her lungs, but not because she was about to die, but because The Doctor had just begun a two mile fall down the deepest canyon in the universe. The world was ending and there was nothing the two of them could do about it. The Doctor screamed Martha's name as he fell, maybe she would see the falling building and move in time, but that was unlikely. Soon, The Doctor couldn't see the top of the canyon and the canyon floor just grew closer and closer, until finally, SMACK! He hit the bottom.

*ok guyz number 1 thing u need to know is ive only seem the episodes of doctor who starting with the ninth doctor and ending with blink so ya this has like nothing to do with being aftr anything specific itz just kind of another one of The Doctor's great adventures (i hope itz great O.o) im not exactly positive were this is going but i hav an idea so ya :) comment, rate and i'll love you forever THNX! ^_^ ❤❤❤

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