A Kiss in the Midnight.

Chapter 1

Morning Tears.

Iridescent tears slid down her rosy cheeks, onto her navy blue pillow cover while he
sun flickered through the open blinds, dancing around her cramped room. Her hair black as night, scattered around her. She sobbed once more and stood up. She staggered into the bathroom, dizzy. Delilah hated crying the whole night, it made her feel even more pathetic. She began to slip off her tight black dress and threw it onto the bed. She sighed deeply. Delilah swaggered into the shower, practically falling. She leaned against the cold white tile as hot water flooded down her semi-tan body. Delilah soaped, and shampooed, she began to feel better. Quietly, she made her way the closet, picking out black and white converse, dark wash skinny jeans, and a band-T. Delilah looked out of her window and out into the overcast Washington sky. She sighed once more and grabbed a leather jacket from the closet and sidled back into the bathroom where she did her hair. Braiding the bangs to the side, and curling the rest, letting it flow down to her mid back. Quickly, she did her makeup, not wanting to be late for school. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush, lipstick, the works. She painted on her face, and another one of happiness. She smiled into the mirror, pretending she was happy, after all she was, wasn't she? At least all her "friends" thought so. But it was an act, all of it was. No one really knew the real Delilah Parkerson, except her closet friend, and crush, Daniel Hayes, or Dani as he liked to be called. She grabbed her antiquated satchel and hurried out the door, barely catching the bus. She stumbled into the back, sitting next to Dani; "Well, don't you look hot," Dani joked, as he wiped some eyeliner off of Delilah's cheek. "What would you do without me?" He mocked, and smiled. "Oh, shut it, bitch." Delilah and Dani laughed.


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