Fame(1D Story)

One direction story!! Not sure who it's for yet..:)
Name: Kaiana Sterling
Age: 18
Looks: Tall, green eyes, brunette hair, slim
Personality: Friendly if you aren't hitting on her or insulting her, random, singer/actress

Chapter 1

UGH. Another Fan.

"I swear to god, if I have to hear one more fan propose to me, I'm going to quit this modeling buisness!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was in the limo to my red carpet premiere of "Pretty Pretty Soda Pop Princess', a comedy about a actress that sings or something stupid like that. I was only in it because I needed a job until they started recording my album.
"We're here." Said the guy that opened up my door. "Be careful! This is Ralph." I said menacingly even though I couldn't put a face with it, as the cameras kept flashing. "Hello, my darlings!" I said. I started walking down the carpet, pausing to pose for a few shots. "Kaiana, over here!" They all screamed and tried to get me to look at all of them. I glanced around and really wished they had better cameras, or at least ones that took a bit less time. I know I'm awesome, I just don't need people taking a million pictures of me because most of them aren't going to be in magazines.
Amongst the stars on the carpet, there was that boy band-One Direction I think- and they had nerf guns. Nerf guns! Of all things to bring, why nerf guns!? I mentally rolled my eyes but kept smiling at the cameras. "Excuse me, but is the rumour true that you're dating Zayn Malik from One Direction?" A paparazzo screamed over the roar of the fans. "Umm, who?" I said and smiled weakly. Of course there are bound to be rumours about dating, but when you don't know who they're talking about you get a bit worried. "Me." I heard a voice in my ear and saw one of the boys from that band standing next to me. He was tanned and his black hair was perfectly gelled up and yet still a bit messy. I kept my eyes on the cameras and a smile frozen on my face but whispered, "Well, hello then. What brings you to this side of the carpet?"
"Paparazzi from cooler magazines over here. And prettier girls."
"Um, thanks. But just to clear it up, we're not going out and those rumours aren't true no matter how hard you want them to be."
"You're welcome. But we could go out-" Zayn got cut off by a boy with brown, sideswept hair who was carrying a nerf gun. "Zayn! Take a nerf gun, they want a group shot!" He handed Zayn one of his guns and ran off, oblivious to the fact that the cameras were still going off. "See you around, love." Zayn grinned at me for a minute before following the other boy back to the group.
I didn't see him for the rest of the night, but when I got back to my flat I turned on the t.v. to see pictures of us together. "Stupid rumours!" I yelled and threw a stuffed bear-a gift from a fan- at the television before turning it off and going to sleep.


The next day, I decieded to be a pig and eat at Nando's. I hadn't eaten there in forever. I threw on jeans, a hoodie, and sunglasses before I left the house.
"Umm, I'll have the Peri-peri please." I said when it was my turn to order. "Why don't you have the Harry-Harry instead?" I heard a familiar voice whisper to his friends. I turned around and of course, Zayn was standing behind me. Or at least I thought it was. There were four boys dressed in hoodies and one in a varsity jacket, all wearing sunglasses like me. "Excuse me?" I said, adding a little attitude in my voice. "Oh, hello there, I thought I'd catch you after the premiere last night but apparently you slipped away!" Zayn laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. "Get off, creep. And ever consider I was avoiding you?" I said and turned around to get my order. "Well, who wouldn't want to avoid Zayn?" The Irish one laughed and ordered for all the boys. "Want to eat with us, love?" Zayn ignored the other guy's comment. I glanced around the restaurant and most of the seats were full. I didn't want to sit by myself, and some of the boys were actually pretty nice, so I said, "Fine." In a bored tone and followed them to the biggest possible table in the room. "Kaiana, right?" One of the boys said. He had taken off his sunglasses and he had big brown puppy dog eyes. "That's me." I said and shoved a forkfull of peri-peri into my mouth. "I'm Liam, a.k.a. Daddy Directioner. The Irish one is Niall, the one with the curly hair is Harry, the hyper one is Louis and you, um, already know Zayn." Oh yes, I knew Zayn. Our table was circular, and he had decieded to sit next to me(Liam was on the left side, then Harry, Niall, and Lou). "Soooo...you guys are pretty popular, huh?" I said lamely. I suck at small talk. "Yes, we like to think that. And I'm sure our millions of fans will agree!" Lou laughed. "Well you're not bad popular-wise yourself are you?" Harry said. "Ha! I get pictures of people's rooms just covered with crap about me!" I laughed and ate some more of my peri-peri. It was good, why didn't I come here more often? "Oohohoh, the other day, Zayn got orders of our dolls from fans! It was incredible, because as soon as he opened the box he started jumping up and down squealing, 'Ohmygosh it's me in a box!!' It was hilarious!" Niall giggled hysterically. Zayn rolled his eyes and whispered in my ear, "That's not how it happened." I stifled a laugh at the look on his face. "That sounds, um, lovely! Wish I could have been there to see it!" I laughed. "You should come over sometime." Zayn said out of the blue, and grabbed my phone from my hoodie pocket. "Purple Circle, dude!" I said and tried to grab my phone back. "Come on, give me my phone back please!!" I said after letting him type stuff in it for a minute. "Fine." He said and handed it back to me. I rolled my eyes. "That was a good movie last night," Liam said, interrupting the silence of our table. "Thanks, I guess. But I'm more excited to get to work on my album." Harry looked up when I said that. "What company are you on?" He asked excitedly. "Syco? Sysco? Something like that." I said nonchalantly and ate the last bit of my food. "Really? That's the label we're on!" Zayn smiled. Oh gosh. What have I gotten myself into?
"Thanks for the lovely meal, guys, but I need to go now!" I said and grabbed my purse. "Come on. You had like, four bites of this delicious stuff and now you're leaving?" Niall said through a mouth full of food. "Please stay? For me?" Zayn said and made bambi eyes at me. "Sorry guys, I gotta go! Nice meeting you all, though!" I said and stood up. "Wait! Can I see your phone for a minute?" Harry asked and outstretched his hand. "Fine. But hurry up." I said and handed my phone to him. These boys were actually quite fun, if I could get Zayn to stop being so, I don't know, crazy? maybe we could actually be friends. I haven't had any famous friends before that were around my age. "Here you go!" Harry said, interrupting my thoughts and handed me the phone. "Bye guys!" I said and waved. "Bye!!" They all shouted back and Zayn blew me an air kiss. God. I could strangle him.

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