Hearts Don't Break Themselves (a Big Time Rush love story)

UnbreakMyHeart (me)

Enjoy! xD

Chapter 1

Ally's POV

Celeb look alike: Taylor Swift

Hello, my name is Allison. But I prefer to be called Ally. Anyway, I'm 18 and I live in Chicago. It's a great city. I like living here. But it's always been my dream to be a singer. It always has been since I was little. Little did I know, that dream was about to come true...

I walked down the crowded streets to the mall. I work there as a clerk at the register. Once I got there, I signed in and took my position behind the register. Hours passed. As they did, I dreamed of breaking away and singing with oceans of crowds screaming my name. Finally, it was time to go home. When I got to my house, I sat on the couch exhausted. It's been a very long day. I live in a small apartment. If I ever get my voice heard, I want to live in a big fancy house. No, a mansion. I doubt that will ever happen though. I sighed and turned on the t.v. There was a commercial. Do you want to become famous? Well now is your chance!! Gustavo Rocque is holding auditions at this address! They gave the address. I turned the t.v. screen back off and got in my car. When I got inside the building, a young, dark skinned woman with long, curly dark hair put a sticker with the number "18" on my shirt. "Hello, I'm Kelly, Gustavo's assistant. What is your name and age?'' she asked. "I'm Ally and I'm 18." I replied. She told me to go to the waiting room. An announcement came on. Contestant number 18. I took a deep breath and stood up. With shaky hands, I opened up the door and slowly walked onto the stage. Gustavo was sitting at a table. "Name please." he said. "I'm Ally." I said. "Ok and what will you be singing?" he questioned. "I'm gonna sing Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson." I answered.

I let my voice flow into the microphone as I sang. When I finished, I asked "Was I good?" "Good?! My response would be something else." his eyes had an unpleasant look. My voice got nervous. "W-what would your response be?" "You're going to L.A.!!!" Yes!!! Finally, I got my dream. I'm on my way to stardom.

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