The Snake's daughter

The Snake's daughter

So this is about a girl named Amaya Uwabami. She's from the leaf village, but because her father decided to leave the village, once her mother died, her father took her with him. She didn't like it so her father told her she could go back to the village, but he will send his men after her to keep her on her toes. After the Chunin exams, she gets a mission to make a peace treaty with the Sand Village and meets up with an old crush.

Chapter 1

Amaya Uwabami


"Daddy, why are we out in the desert? Its hot out." I tugged daddy's pant leg and looked at him while we were walking.
He looked down on me. His snake like eyes were cold as always, but he picked me up and carried me in his arms. "Now Amaya, what have I told you about asking me questions?"
I looked at him and smiled, "Not to ask you too much. And that things are better left unsaid till I'm older."
"That's right." He adjusted my hat so the sun wouldn't beat down on me so hard.
In the distance was a village boarder. I tilted my head a little and stared at it. Daddy smiled and walked faster. I don't know why he always lurks around villages looking for things. He never has time for me. Always tells me to get out of his work space.
When we got to the village he put me down and gave me some money. "Now go run a long. See if some of the local children will play with you." He patted my head and smiled.
I pouted, "But daddy! You promised we would spend my birthday at home!"
He sighed, "I know sweaty, but things don't work out like they should now do they?" He waved his hands shooing me away. "Now run along little one." I gave him one last dirty look and walked away into the market area.
When daddy and I are traveling, he takes care of buying food and clothes. I get to buy things that will make me happy. Sometimes even jewelry. Mommy bought me this one necklace that I will never take off. I decided to go into a flower shop to buy daddy some flowers. He always likes the flowers I give him.
While I was picking out flowers, someone bumped into me and I fell. "S-sorry."
I got up and brushed the dirt off of me and looked up. There was a kid my age and my height staring at me. He has red, short, spiky hair, and turquoise like eyes. He was wearing a shawl and brown pants. He's kind of cute. He was holding this beaten old teddy bear.
"I-I didn't mean to bump into you. Please don't be angry with me and run away." He looked sad.
I tilted my head questionably at him, "I'm not mad at all," he smiled a little. "Accidents happen you know." He nodded. "Hey what's your name?"
"I-I'm G-Gaara." He replied shyly.
"That's a cool name! I'm Amaya. I'm from the Uwabami clan!" I smiled at him.
"U-Uwabami? What's that?"
"Its a clan that has python blood in them. Our chakra is built from snakes. In away, we were born for snakes."
"Y-You don't look like a snake." He commented.
I smiled, "I'm glad too. My daddy looks like on though. Its scary. I don't want to grow up and look like him. I wan't to look like my mommy."
He smiled a little, "M-my dad is the kazekage."
"That's so cool! I wish my daddy was that cool." I smiled. I paid for the flowers and the two of us walked out of the store. I noticed the sun was starting to set.
Daddy was standing outside looking like he found something. "Amaya, we're staying the night. I need you to go to that hotel now." He pointed to a building near by.
"Ok." I sighed.
"W-Will I see you in the morning?" Gaara looked worried.
I nodded and smiled, "Of corse! Meet me infront of the hotel by sunrise."
He smiled. "Okay."
Daddy walked towards us, "You know young man, I don't know anybody in this village, or trust anyone, but would you like to protect my little Amaya?"
His face lightened up. "Y-Yes sir! I will do it with honor sir!"
Daddy smiled, "Good boy. Now you two go to the hotel." The both of us smiled and ran off.
The next day I had to leave Gaara. I was very sad and I hugged him. "W-Will I ever see you again?" He asked.
"I hope so." I looked at him and he pouted. "Hey!" I pointed and he looked up at me. "You're cute, and one day you're going to be my boyfriend!" I blushed and he stared at me.
Daddy grabbed my hand and dragged me away from Gaara. "Amaya! I will find you! I hope you keep your word!"
"I will!" I shouted back.

Couple years later

"Amaya, when will you ever harden your heart?" Father looked at me disapprovingly.
I sighed. "Dad, I don't want to do this. I want to be back in the Leaf Village so I can grow up and become better with my ninja skills. Kabuto Sensei tell him!"
Kabuto sighed, "Lord Orochimaru, maybe letting her stay here will be a better idea. I mean we can come back when she is eligible for the Chunin exams."
Father sighed, "Fine, but once she is a Chunin, we will send people to check her improvement." I sighed and looked down at my feet. "Amaya."
"Y-Yes f-father?"
"Go to school. I shall be back in my home in the Sound Village." I sighed and grabbed my things and walked out the door. "Kabuto, keep an eye on her every once in a while."

Present day

"Iruka Sensei?" I stood in the doorway.
He looked up, "What seems to be the matter Amaya?"
"Why doesn't any of the council members seem to like me? Did I do something wrong?"
He smiled softly, "No Amaya. You've done nothing wrong. Its not that they don't like you, its they don't like your father."
I sighed and looked down. "All right then."
"Amaya, shouldn't you be meeting your new Sensei and team mates?"
"Nobody wanted me."
He frowned then got up. He walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "I know somebody that might be able to help you out. She has the same jutsu like you."
I looked at him hopeful. "Wh-Who is it Iruka Sensei?"
"Just look behind you." He smiled.


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