The Snake's daughter

The Snake's daughter

So this is about a girl named Amaya Uwabami. She's from the leaf village, but because her father decided to leave the village, once her mother died, her father took her with him. She didn't like it so her father told her she could go back to the village, but he will send his men after her to keep her on her toes. After the Chunin exams, she gets a mission to make a peace treaty with the Sand Village and meets up with an old crush.

Chapter 2

Anko Mitarashi

I looked behind me and saw a woman that kind of looked like me. Her hair was up in a spiky pony tail. She wore a long jacket, the typical under armor and a skirt. Maybe shorts, I can't tell. "So is this her? That traitor's daughter?"
I looked down. When anyway says traitor's daughter like that, I know they're referring to Orochimaru. Ikurka placed his hands on both my shoulders. "Anko, she doesn't like it when you mention....''him''"
I sighed. "You know I'm right here. A-And I don't care about m-my father! I left him s-so you don't have to treat me like I'm going to go bad!" Tears filled my eyes and I ran out of the building.
I hate being his child. Everyone treats me differently. Wrapping my arms around my knees, a sigh left my body.
"Hey Amaya," I looked up and saw Anko. "Mind if I sit with you?" I shrugged and she sat down. "You want to know why you weren't put on a team?"
I looked up at her. "Is it because of my father?"
She looked up at the clouds, "That's a reason." I sighed, "Another reason is because he was my sensei."
Was she serious? Father taught her? "D-Does that mean y-you have similar jutsus like mine?"
She nodded, "You bet ya. And, I know what it feels like to be connected to him."
"What do you mean?" She adjusted her jacked and my face paled. "Y-You h-have the curse mark."
She sighed, "Sadly yes, but until your father decides to show his ugly face, I will be your sensei."
I felt a warm bubbly feeling fill me up. I lept and gave her a hug. "Oh thank you Anko Sensei!"
She smiled softly, "Before I teach you how to use the justus," She stood up and held a bell. "You need to get this bell from my hand."
I looked at her, "A-A bell?"
She nodded. "Yep. You can use anything you want. You have until the morning to get it from my hand. If you do not achieve this goal, you will go without breakfast."
I bit the bottom of my lip and stood up. I grabbed one of my kunais. "Easy as cake."
She smirked. "Your time starts," she paused. "Now!"
Need to think of a strategy, but what? If father did train her, she will make this a lot harder. I disappeared into the trees and sat in the training fields.

Anko pov

"Iruka, what have you been teaching her?" I cocked my head to the side and looked up into the night's sky.
Iruka stepped out from the shadows and smiled softly, "Everything that I normally teach. She always hides when she's thinking. Never understood why. Do you think it has anything to do with him?"
I looked at him, "There's no doubt about it. I mean what would you do if your father was trying to experiment on you? Making you train against your will only to become a stone cold killer." I paused. "Who knows what he's made her do."
He sighed. "Are you sure not adding her to any of the teams was a good idea?"
"Positive. I'm sure Kakashi would have been willing to let her join with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, but she needs me." Poor girl. Why was she born to that monster? She'll become his legacy if something goes wrong.
"I hope you know what you're dealing with Anko. She is after all, the Python Princess." The concern in his voiced raised.
"I know Iruka. I'm fully aware that I shouldn't become to attached to her if she decides to change. But if we show her the good in things now, maybe she won't succeed to what Orochimaru had in plan. Even if that demon some how ran out on luck, he will still try to convince her with some twisted offer to continue what he started. Finding all the jutsu in the world and using it for evil."
"Well Anko, it seems that you have an interesting road ahead of you. Especially since this is your first disciple." He chuckled. "Never thought I'd see the day when you actually teach something more than the second part of the Chunin exams."
I looked back at him and smiled, "Well, this is the first pupil that I take pity on." I paused again. "And the first one that the Hokage treats like an A ranked mission."
"Iruka watch out!" I pulled him out of the way and avoided two kunai knives. "Where did that come from!?"
Iruka grinned a smart a*s grin, "Looks like the Python Princess is done thinking." He chuckled. "You sure you want to start out with the bell exercise?"
"Oh yeah. This should be exciting." I felt a smirk come across both our faces.
"Hey! Anko!" I looked over to the left and my mouth dropped. There stood three shadow clones. Each unique to her. Her hair was up like mine and she was wearing a black short sleeved shirt. She had a small purple vest on that the bottom was at the top of her stomach. She had black capris and a small belt that could hold her weapons of choice. Her hair was up like mine, but her bangs were different. Her shoes were like everyone else's, but black. Her deep blue eyes sparkled and she had a smirk across her face.
"Anything is free to use right?" One of them smirked.
"Thats what I agreed with yes. Why?" I felt something wrap around my ankle and I looked down. There was a python like arm wrapped around my leg.
"Good," She responded like she has already one. I was flung into a tree. There stood another shadow clone making four of them.
They started to make a hand sign. "Lava relase! Lava transformation!" She swung her arms and they became pythons, more than that they became lava pythons. Her kekkei genkai must be closer to fire style.
One of the clones became a lava pythons and lashed towards me. "That bell is mine Sensei!"
"Don't count your luck to quickly now!" I jumped out of the way, but not fast enough. I gave a grunt and looked down. She burned the tips of my shoes. "Amaya, did your father give you that kekkei genkai!?" Her arms went back to normal, but that clone was still a python.
She smirked, "This is a natural born one sensei! My mother made Orochimaru promise not to test on me!" She made another hand sign. This one was way to familiar. "Katon! Sen'eijashu!" She pointed her arms at me and two snakes came out of her sleves. How could a Genin be able to master so many high rank jutsus by this age? She's almost like Itachi! The snakes wrapped around my ankles and then dragged me out of the tree. I closed my eyes embracing for the worst. There was a dead silence and then a bell jingled.
"Looks like I won Sensei." I opened my eyes to see her standing above me smirking and dangling the bell infront of my face.
I sighed. This could have gone so much worse if she had forced kekkei genkeis inside her. I smiled at her lightly, "Looks like you did. Now go to bed and be back here at by three in the afternoon." She smiled and turned around. "Oh and Amaya," she stopped, but didn't look back. "If you have mastered any S-ranked justus, I forbid you to use them unless I say so. Don't use them unless you are in a life or death situation. Until you are a Jounin, you are forbidden to use S-ranked justu unless its the circumstances I have mentioned before."
"Yes Anko." She continued walking.
Iruka came out from behind a tree, "Like I said before, you shouldn't have started out with the bell exercise. We need to talk to the council tonight."

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