The Snake's daughter

The Snake's daughter

So this is about a girl named Amaya Uwabami. She's from the leaf village, but because her father decided to leave the village, once her mother died, her father took her with him. She didn't like it so her father told her she could go back to the village, but he will send his men after her to keep her on her toes. After the Chunin exams, she gets a mission to make a peace treaty with the Sand Village and meets up with an old crush.

Chapter 4

Preparation for the Chuunin exams!

Regular pov

For the last few weeks Anko has been making me do petty missions. If you ask me they're more like chores. Still, I get paid for them so I guess that's a plus. On top of that she's been making me study in the medical field. I don't know why I have to; medical core isn't my thing.
All my classmates have come back from their missions and I plan on meeting a few of them in a little bit. I can remember what Anko was telling me right before she left.

Flash back

"Now Amaya, I have to leave for a while. I want you to finish up here and then you can go off and do what ever you like." She smiled at me.
"Alright Anko!"
She started walking away from me then stopped. She looked back at me, "Oh and Amaya, I'm going to recommend you for the Chuunin exams." I paled slightly, "You will meet your team the day before you start understood?"
I nodded, "Yes Anko."


I have a bad feeling my team will have Kabuto. A sigh left my body and I sat on a tree branch. Knowing that Kabuto will return, also three sound ninja, father will be back. And knowing father he will interfear with the exams.
"Hey Amaya!" I looked over to my left to see Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Hinata. They look stronger.
"Oh hi Kiba! What brings you here?" I asked curriously.
"Just was heading to lunch when we saw you alone. Wanted to know if you wanted to join us." Akamaru made a tiny bark and Kiba had his boyish smile.
I guess it could be good to catch up with them. I mean I've got nothing else to do. "Sure, sounds fun!" I jumped down and walked over to Hinata's side.
"Great!" He chuckled.
"So Hinata, how have you been?" I asked as we were walking.
"Oh well," She paused. She still had that shy timid voice. "I've been good. I've gotten stronger a-and,"
"Do you still have a crush on him?" I asked. I know its not nice, but I'm still curious.
Her face turned a slight shade of pink and she did that thing she always does with her fingers. "Y-Yes. Wh-Why do you ask?"
I smiled slightly, "Just currious."
"H-Hey Amaya,"
"Yes Hinata?" I looked at her.
"D-Do you like anybody?" She asked curiously. Kiba and Shino looked at me interested.
"Yeah, do you? I mean you're like the only girl that I know that hasn't shown any emotion towards. Not even Sasuke?" Kiba asked so interested. I hate it when guys do that.
"Not even Sasuke. I mean the guy is on the decent side of good looking, but I don't like him." I paused, "Come to think of it there's only one guy that I would consider a crush." We kept walking and I was leaving them hanging. Hintata is probably worried that I like Naruto.
Kiba was getting aggitated, "Well are you going to tell us or not?"
I smirked a little, "Whats the point? I don't like like any of the guys. I only think if the time game, and if in a couple years I still like this guy would I only want to date. I'm too young to be thinking about dating and that kind of stuff."
Hinata and Kiba became a little bit more aggitated. "But if you really want to know, the guy has a dog named Akamaru." I quickly said before walking into the restaurant. Kiba stood outside with a stupid look on his face like he just got slapped. Hinata smiled and walked in with Shino.
Kiba came in a few seconds later and sat down next to me. "D-Do you really...?"
"Kiba, remember I said you stand out more than everyone else. That does not mean I like like you. I you." I sighed.
He smiled. "Well that's okay to. And even if you like someone else I don't care. Just happy to know that the Python chick likes a dog like me!" We all smiled and placed our orders.
The rest of the day went pretty well. The four of us walked around the village and chattered the day away. Kiba was constantly showing off while Shino was educating me and Hinata on some insects. It was fun and interesting.
While we were walking Anko came out of no where smiling and holding something in her hand. "Anko! What a suprise to see you today."
"It is indeed. Who are your friends?" She rose an eyebrow with great interest.
"Oh! This is Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga from squad 8." I introduced them and they bowed slightly. "Guys this is my sensi, Anko Mitarashi."
"Pleased to meet you." Hinata replied.
"You three should go find your sensei Kurenai." She said happily. "She has the same information I'm about to tell Amaya. Wouldn't want to spoil it for you three."
They nodded. "Well see ya later Amaya!" Kiba shouted as they walked away.
"See ya guys!" I waved at them until they were gone. "So what is it?"
She held out a slip to me, "This is your slip to get into the Chuunin exams. It starts next week. We will train for the next few days. You will meet your team the day before the exams understood?"
I nodded. "Yes ma'am."
"And if Orochimaru does show, you defend yourself." Her face became stern. "I know he scares you, but you need to be strong. Show him that you have grown and that you're not afraid of him."
"Y-Yes I will be strong." I looked at her with confidence. "I will become a Chuunin without fear!" I smiled confidently.
"Good. Now because the Chuunin exams are a week away we will train for 3 days strait. Only breaks will be for eating and resting up. You will have the last four days to recover because the training we are doing will be intense."
"Alright then!" I started, "What should we work on first?"
We started heading towards the training grounds. "Well first off I want to know whats the base of your jutsu."
I held my left arm in my hand and looked up into the sky. "Well my kekkei genkei has the lava release, but," I paused. " I guess I would have to say my base is earth and fire release. Fire release is more stronger. Because of that father made me train so I could be better at wind release."
She nodded. "Alright. Can you use the summoning jutsu?"
"Yes. You should know what I can summon."
She nodded, "Yes I know. But try to avoid summoning Manda please."
"Yes ma'am. I don't even like Manda. He scares me." A shiver went through my body. I hate the very thought of Manda.
"So knowing what you can do will be a help to me." She said with concern. "Mind telling me the kinds of jutsu you can use?"
I nodded. "I can use Hundred blade technique, water serpent blast, hidden shadow snake hand, great fireball, art of the phoenix flower, dragon fire release, clone jutsus, jet flare, dragon flame bomb, fire flower, dragon fireball, intense pain, and the flame rasengan.
She looked impressed. Almost too impressed. "That's good that you've mastered the majority of the jutsu you want to use when you get older. But remember do not use the flame rasengan till the time is right."
"Yeah, but thankfully there is still much I can learn. I'm not that great at earth style jutsu though." I commented looking down at the ground.
"Well would you like to learn some?" She looked at me curriously.
"More than ever!" I smiled at her enthusiasticly.
She smiled softly. "Well because you are pretty set with the amount of jutsu you know, I will teach you the hidden in stone jutsu and double suicide."
"What are those esactly?" I tilted my head curriously.
"The hidden in stone jutsu will allow you to move through any earth like material. It is also a good use when someone is aiming an earth style jutsu at you. The double suicide jutsu will allow you to go under ground and if used successfully, you can drag you opponent down and only have his or her head showing."
I nodded thoughtfully. "Oh I see. And because the majority of the Chuunin exams are held in an earth like area, I will be able to move more freely and use the land to my advantage right?"
"That's right." She replied. "Now do you know how to use the Assimilate All Creation Technique?"
"Yes. I'm not perfect at it, but I can do it." I replied slowly and blushed a tiny bit.
"Then this should be easy. All you have to do is use that technique, but pass through something. Remember. Focus and it should be easy." She added.
"Alright." I sighed then closed my eyes. Its time to focus. The next three days won't be easy.

Three days later

I let out a long groan and I'm desperately trying to catch my breath. My body feels like its on fire. Just moving hurts. It's ridiculous! I dug my hands into the ground and started pushing up. It was night time and all there was for light was the moon.
"Amaya, that isn't smart to do right now." Anko stood over me with a concerned look. "You've done well in masturing those jutsu in just three days. Although it takes months to master it, you pushed yourself a bit too much."
"S-Sorry Sensei. I-I needed to." A small grunt left my mouth. "Ugh, I regret this."
"Just hold still. Don't move or it will hurt more." She commanded. All I could do was nod my head. I can understand why she wanted to give me four days to heal.
"Well Anko, I know you're stubborn when it comes to training, but three days to master two jutsu? Don't you think that's a bit over board?" I looked over to my right and saw Kakashi come out from the shadows.
Anko smirked, "You shouldn't be talking Kakashi. You're known for different methods. If she makes it to the third part of the Chunnin exams, we will work on more earth style jutsu. She has mastered a lot of fire style and fire release jutsu."
Kakashi stepped closer to us and then picked me off the ground. He cradled me in his arms. "Is that so? Well you're going to be bedridden for a couple days. I kind of wish I could see what makes that brain of yours tick. I've heard you're a great strategist." He started heading back towards the village with Anko by his side.
I blushed a little bit, "I had to learn quick if I wanted to avoid Orochimaru."
He nodded. The way back was kind of awkward. I mean, its cool and all being carried by a guy, but well yeah. It was just weird. I don't really know what else happened but on the way back I passed out.
The next day I felt fine. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching me. I slowly made my way out of bed and to my closet. I looked down to see that Anko took the liberty of bandeging up my arms. A heavy sigh left my body as I started to strip out of my pajamas. I put on what I normally wore, got my shoes on and headed out the door.
I started heading down towards the ramen shop when something, more like somebody caught my eye. A small group of people turned to a different street. From the looks of their clothing, they're not from around here. They're not sound ninja, so that's a good thing. Time for some investigating.
I got on the tops of the houses and followed them as quietly as possible. One of them was a girl, she seemed a little bit older than me. She was carrying a large fan and had her hair up in four different pony tails. She had a white short dress with a red sash tied around her waist. The other tall one wore all black and was carrying something on his back. I couldn't tell what it was. The kid about my age in the middle was about my height, and had red spiky hair. Wait could that be?
They stopped. "Alright. Get down here! I know your following us." A cold voice coming from the kid in the middle breathed. I stopped. They may not be sound ninja, but their ears are amazing if they can hear me.
I got down from the roof and jumped right infront of them. The guy wearing black stared at me for a while then asked, "Why are you following us?"
I shifted my weight to the left side of my body, "You three caught my eye. You're not from around here so I had to see where you came from. If you were sound ninja," I paused. "I would hurt you."
The older two flinched a little, but the youngest didn't even blink. I noticed that from their head bands that they were from the village of the sand. "So you're the sand Genin that I have to face in the Chuunin exams. Interesting."
"You look strangly familiar." The red headed kid commented. I stared at him for an awful long time. Then it hit me. This was the very kid that I had a crush on so many ears ago. "Mind telling me your name?" The older two looked at me, then at the kid.
"Your father is the Kazegage right?" I asked tilting my head to the side.
The older two looked shocked. "H-How did you know that?" The girl asked.
"The red headed kid told me last time I was in your village." I paused for a second. "My name is Amaya Uwabami." This time I got a reaction from the kid. The look on his face was the look of remembrance. "So you do remember me, Gaara." A small smile curled from the left corner of my mouth.
He nodded. "Its been so long," he paused and crossed his arms. "And to meet again under these circumstances isn't at all the greatest." I nodded thoughtfully. "For the Chuunin exams, you are my enemy. Maybe afterwards if you survive," He paused. "Maybe we can catch up." He didn't smile, but he also didn't look like a stone cold killer either. Something has changed though.
"Who says I'm not going to? You haven't seen what I'm capable of." I grinned. "Now I'll see you in three days." I started to turn away and as I did I added, "Oh and a word of advise to the three of you," I could feel their eyes on me. "Just don't die." I got on the roof and headed down towards the center of town. Looks like the Chuunin exams will be more interesting than I thought.


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