A Suicide Note To All Who Are Thinking of This

Today, I found out that a girl in my grade had commited suicide yesterday. Though I didn't know her well, it was a shock to all and a very eerie day at my high school. People helped each other by listening, talking, hugging and crying together.

People who want to take their life must face what happens to loved ones after you do this

Chapter 1

The Eerie Silence 6/1/12

We heard a tragic loss today
One life taken by self
Today is silent
No one dares to speak
But who could?
They claim she had EVERYTHING
money could buy
But was that enough?
Was she loved?
Did she have the needed attention?
Not everything is what it seems
Normal life is taken for granted
How long to have it back!
now we sit in silence
As if our tongues are mute
As if we have a moment of silence
for loss soldiers
and the flag at the halfway point
Tears shedded
were heartbreaking enough
Yet, the silence
the impassive emotions
creates a living nightmare
Makes me feel obliged to
Did I know this girl personally?
No, but why does that matter?
It was a life
I had seen her everday with her boyfriend
before reaching English class
Now she's
Feels unreal, never happened
'You never know what you got till it's gone.'
Grace Maney, 14 years old,
A life we thought was happy
In disguise we found out
Who lived in misery
Behind closed doors.


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