Angel In Hell

Angel In Hell

I wrote this in class a few days ago. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Burn, enjoy the pain, and live for eternity. Come and walk with me.......In Hell.

My heart can’t take the pain anymore.
I can’t breathe anymore.
It all becomes too much.
And I close my eyes
And I think of you.
I see you burning in hell for my sins.
I close my eyes and I miss you.
I miss my angel.
My one joy in a world filled with sorrow.
My one reason to live for tomorrow.
And so I run,
I run into the deepest, darkest pits of hell.
I run into a shower of blood,
And come out drenched in my own sin.
I run through the fire,
Only making the fire in my heart and soul burn with more intensity.
I run into the out-stretched arms
Of My Angel In Hell.


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