Johnny Cade Love Story



Looks: brown hair with faint blonde highlights, dark brown eyes, kind of small for her age, medium-toned skin, pretty

Personality- shy, outgoing, average grade student, likes to draw, nice, sweet, greaser


Chapter 1


by: JadeCade
I was laying on the cold hard concrete. It was really dark out, I was really stunned that I was still alive. The left side of my face i could garuntee was covered in blood. I grabbed one of my arms, my hand was wet and red with blood too, my ankle hurt, and a section of my left ribs were swollen and bruised, and the lower part of my favorite shirt was ripped up and the top part was splatterd with a little blood. All I could remember was a green corvair pulling up and 6 socs came out and grabbed me, it was all fuzzy after that. I curled up, shaking, and my vision was blurry. I passed out from dizziness before I heard footsteps coming torwards me.

I woke up in a house I almost screamed but I saw a boy sitting next to me, he was tan, his hair was jet black, heavily greased, and kind of long. He was wearing a jeans jacket ( i had one only dark navy, and tighter for a girls fit). And he was really cute! He had big black eyes that almost made me melt. I tapped on his shoulder and he flinched. He looked at me a second and said, "oh your're awake", "what happened?" I said. "A bunch of socs jumped you. Me and Dally" he pointed to a tough, mean looking guy, "found you and brought you to Ponyboy's house. Which is where you're in now. Sorry you don't know any of us," then he started to stare at me a little. "what are you doing?" i said suddenly. "sorry you are just really pretty." I blushed. "What's you're name?" I asked. "Johnnny"... TO BE CONTINUED


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