Finn Odair - the New Panem

This story is about Finnick and Annie's son, whom I named Finn, who never knew his dad. Finn falls in love with a girl, but his mother warns him about the girls dark past. Finn must keep away from this girl, but he can't help being drawn to her.

Chapter 1

He Loved Her

Finn Odair was sixteen and gorgeous. It was natural that he'd be good looking, with his parents. Everyone told him how much he looked like his father. Finn wished he could see that for himself, but he'd never met his father.
"I see him in you sometimes," his mother, Annie, had told him once. Finn was closer to Annie than anyone else in the world. It was stupid for a guy to be so close to his mom, but she meant the world to him. She had raised him single handedly, despite the depression that sometimes overcame her since his dad died. But Finn couldn't think about his dad now.
"Finn! Stop daydreaming and get down here!" came Annie's yell from downstairs. Finn rolled his eyes, but got up anyway and tugged on a tight t-shirt over his trademark blue shorts. He caught a quick glimpse of himself in the mirror; he looked good. Behind him, the sloping white walls of his small room were covered in pictures of boats and his girlfriend, Myla.
"Finn! Get down here! Myla's waiting!" shouted Annie. Finn raced down the stairs, his feet pounding excitedly. The house was small, two storeys but just seven rooms. It smelled of the sea, Finn's favourite smell. His favourite smell, his favourite place. Everything was perfect.
Myla and Annie were waiting in the kitchen, sitting around a table made a of driftwood from the sea.
"Hey, ladies!" Finn joked, as Myla made her way up to hug him. Finn hugged her back; she fit perfectly in his arms. She had sleek, smooth blond hair and kind blue eyes. Before the Mockinjay Rebellion, her parents had lived in District 2. But it had been years since the nation had been divided into Districts. Annie said it was better now, better without division.
"So are you two going out today?" Annie asked, looking at them with her piercing gaze. She had the same dark eyes as Finn.
"Yeah, we're going to the pier, maybe I'll take Myla out for a bit on the water."
"Yeah!" Myla enthused, and Annie nodded happily. She liked nothing more than seeing her son happy, and Myla made him happy. Annie liked Myla lot.
Finn took Myla's hand, forgetting about breakfast. Nothing mattered when he had Myla. She smiled up at his through beautiful blue eyes, like the sea. The two of them set off on their way, starting their journey on the day that would change everything.

The pier overlooked the sea, and it was just a short walk from Annie and Finn's home. Finn loved walking along the pier, looking out over the sparkling ocean. Myla's hand was clasped in his, and she was chattering away about nothing. Finn tuned out of her words, just listening to her voice. She was so cute, he thought cheerfully. The pair walked to the front of the pier, looking over the sea. It was a long fall, and Finn wrapped his arms around Myla protectively.
And suddenly he saw a boat on the waves, beneath them, speeding along in the strong wind. Finn narrowed his eyes and saw a girl at the helm of the boat. She was incredibly tall, with balck hair whipping around her face. He'd never seen her before.
"Hey, look, Myla, who's that?" he asked, pointing into the sea. And, Myla, looking at the girl on the boat, leant over the railing. "I don;t know that girl," she said, wobbling a little in the wind. And that was when she lost her balance. Finn watched in horror as his girlfriend went plummeting downwards into the deep blue sea...

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