"Chronicles of Violet Ando"

The setting is in Birchwood Village, Minnesota. Violet is the main character in which she is 14 yrs old. Who is shy,kind,misunderstood, but has a sorrowful and dark past. On the other hand has a unpleasant destiny.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

As Violet look out the tiny window of the plane all she could see is dark clouds."Violet, my dear, I'm sorry that your aunt didn't want you live with her any more" the woman said. "It doesn't matter, Laura"Violet respond. " Will I have to inform you that you will be moving in with your adoptive parent Elizabeth and Anthony Lamorett and there three childrens in Birchwood Village, Minnesota" Laura stated. Violet was pretty annoyed to move all the way to america just to live with these strange people."Did you hear me, Violet?" Laura question. Violet noded and look towards the window again.
"Oh my! you're here,dear!" a women shouted out. Violet turned around and saw the woman. She had light dirty blonde hair and look like she was some barbie doll thing. "Hi, Mrs.Lamorett, sorry to keep you waiting but our plane schedule change abruptly on the way." Laura stated. "Oh, it's okay as long Violet is here safe and sound, also you can just call me Elizabeth" She respond. "Very well Elizabeth, I'll be leaving to get Violet's bags, see you Violet." Laura said. Violet noded. "So, Violet Ando it's a pleasure to meet you, sweety!" Elizabeth annouced. The word sweety made Violet to feel uncomfortable. "Um...yeah it's a pleasure indeed to meet you, ma'am" Violet said with a fake happy tone. There was an awkward moment of silents, until a buff man that look like Elizabeth age walk in and kiss Elizabeth, which Violet guess it was her husband Anthony Lamorett." Honey, this is Violet Ando." Elizabeth stated. " Oh, Miss.Ando would you like to see your room?" Mr.Lamorett ask. "Um...sure"Violet said.
Mr.Lamorett had a maid show Violet her bedroom. "Here we are milady" the women said while bowing. "Thank you,ma'am and no need to bow I'm no royality or anything" Violet said trying not to sound weirded out. "Okay madam"the woman respond and left Violet to her huge room. Violet was stunned by the room. She was ready to go take nap when she realize she reek from lack of shower.
After taking a shower and getting dress she look at here reflection. Her long black hair fell near her knees, her eyes were emerald green with some kind of wierd figure inlated in her pupil. She always never like the idea how she look different from her parents. They had dark brown hair and brown eyes but she didn't have either. Which was strange but atleast she has same blood type as her father. Before she can give any more thoughts about how strange things are. There was a knock on door and a deep voice. "Miss.Ando supper time is in three minutes,Okay?"Mr.Lamorett said. "Um..okay I'll be down"she said with a sigh.
As Violet went down stairs she noticed that the maid was waiting for someone outside the door. Violet was curious but realize it wasn't her business. When she enter the dining room, she saw a chadeler, long table, and sets of dish on table. As she sat down she saw two girls glaring at her. "Violet, I want you to meet my daughters, they're twins" Mrs.Lamorett said. "This is Arianna she is the oldest by two half minutes and her sister name is Brianna" Mrs.Lamorett said while pointing at them. Violet look at them and realize they were twins but the oldest had long curly hair with side ways bangs and younger sister had short wavey hair with straight bangs. They had brown eyes and same color hair as their mothers. "Um...hi I'm Violet Ando, nice to meet you guys" Violet said. "Honey. where's Nicholas?"Mrs.lamorett asked her husband. "Hazel,will you please get our boy down?" Mr.Lamorett command the maid. She noded headed up stairs.
Violet wasn't tired, all she can think about why that boy Nicholas kept staring at her. She just couldn't get what had happen at supper out of her mind it keep flashing back in her mind. " Sir, I had brought Nicholas as you requested" Hazel stated. A boy walked in he looked nothing like his mother nor his father.He had dark brown hair and gray eyes. "Violet this our son Nicholas, he's 15, Nick this is Violet Ando" Mr.Lamorett said. The boy sat down and everybody started to eat. Violet was eating but then realize someone was staring at her it was Nicholas. He was staring at her strangely, which made Violet feel very uncomfortable. "Nicholas, my son, you going football pratice? Mr.lamorett asked. Nicholas glared at his father and said,"No, Anthony." Anthony glared back at Nicholas and cleared his throat. "And why's that?"Mr.Lamorett asked sternly. "Will because I don't feel like it"Nicholas respond. "Come on you guys let's just have a nice dinner with Miss.Ando"Mrs.Lamorett annouced. Nicholas turned his attention at Violet and smiled at her.After that everybody head off to bed. That's when Nicholas grabbed Violet by arm and told her that she shouldn't be here and he walked off to his bedroom. That was end of Violet flash back and then she final drifted to sleep for what awaits her tomorrow for school.


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