my entry for InvaderBeth's totally awesome contest!!!

my entry for InvaderBeth's totally awesome contest!!!

Alright, as the tittle says, this is my entry for InvaderBeth's contest. I don't think it turned out too great. When I saw the picture, I had this idea and it truley sounded better in my head. Oh well. Anyways, here it is! NOW READ!!!! I command thee!!!

Chapter 1

The Wedding Prediciment

by: Foopadoop
“Dang it! Dang it! DANG IT!!!”

Daniel Formant and his friend Eric Matthews where driving to his friend’s wedding, but they were running late.

“Dude, calm down,” Eric said nonchalantly. “ We’re only 5 minutes late. It’s okay.”

Daniel grit his teeth and gripped the steering wheel. “It’s not okay! You’re not the best man , you weren’t supposed to be there 15 minutes ago, you also don’t have the wedding cake sitting in the back of your car!”

Eric rolled his eyes. Daniel always worried way too much. It wasn’t like Matt was gonna kill them for being a few minutes late because of a small traffic jam. Besides the wedding hadn’t even started yet.

Eric watched as Daniel pulled out his cell and began to text Matt, muttering under his breath. Eric looked up to see the jam had been cleared and things were starting to move forward. He tapped the brunette’s shoulder and gave the gesture to go.

Daniel stepped on the gas and the car lurched forward. A look of deep thought spread across Daniels face for a moment before the car took a sharp turn to the right. Eric gripped the edge of the seat, blue eyes wide.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing?”

“It’s a short cut. It’ll take way too long to reach the church from here.”

Eric snorted. “We’re going the wrong way. This takes us to a completely different way!”

Daniel turned to his friend, not paying attention to the road. “Like you would know! You barley get out of that pitiful card board box you call a house!”

“At least whenever I do get out, I at least know where I’m going! You’re always getting us lost with your stupid shortcuts! Something bad always happens when you decide to take a shortcut!” Eric snapped back. His eyes lifted back the road, then gasped in terror. They were in the wrong lane and a UPS truck was heading straight for them!

“Look out!”

Daniel slammed his foot on the brakes and the truck swerved the left, crashing through a fence and down into the river bank. A white sewing machine flew out the window of the truck and smashed through their windshield, barely missing Eric’s head.

Both teens sat with eyes wide in terror and were panting hard. Eric turned to Daniel and began to laugh hysterically. Daniel rose an eyebrow and narrowed his eyes at the blonde.

“What could you possibly be laughing at? We nearly got killed!”

Eric snickered. “I was right.”


“I told you. Something bad always happens when we take your shortcuts.”

Daniel sat with a blank expression for a moment before chuckling. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Exactly. Now, let me take a picture of you with the sewing machine standing in front of the scene. I’m gonna show it to the others,” Eric grinned.

Daniel let out a small sigh then let a smile cross his face. “Ok. I guess.” Climbing out of the car, he had completely forgotten about being late to Matt’s wedding.

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