The Witty Ravenclaw prankster (Fred/George love story)

Name: Emily Smith
Age: 15
Year: sixth
House: Ravenclaw
Hair: Black, wavy to her mid back.
Eyes: Blue with a hint of green.
Personality: She is very smart and spends a lot of her time in the library where everybody assumes she is studying when in fact she is thinking of creative pranks. That's when Fred and George get blamed. They go on search for the unknown mystery prankster. Hey, maybe one of them develops a crush for this girl. Maybe..

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Chapter 1

It was a cold, bitter autumn morning. King's cross was crowded with many people doing their everyday business. I, along with my younger sister and my parents walke through the crowds along with my hissing, white cat and my sisters brown barn owl who was hooting excitedly in its cage. We had our parents push our luggage along behind us. It wasn't a shock that we were getting very odd stares.
Not caring about the looks, we continued our way through the heavy crowd until we were between platform nine and ten. Now, you may be wondering who I am by now. I am the quiet girl that everybody walks by, I'm the one who helps you with your homework and you barely make the effort to remember my name. Yes, I'm that very girl. My name is Emily Smith.

"Come on now, before anyone notices," my mother said from behind me. I sighed and leaned against the barrier casually before slipping through the brick wall. I waited for a minute before the rest of my family soon joined me on the crowded but amazing platform nine and three quarters. "Come on now, on the train- Emily, wait for Maria!" my mother called when I tried to slip away from them.

Maria looked at me smugly before following me closely towards the train. I said goodbye to my mother and father before going on the train. This year, I was a prefect so soon, my sister maria would be on her own. As we made out way down the crowded hallways, I saw the prefect compartment.

I stopped Maria in her tracks. "Look, I have to go in here," I told her. "I'll come and find you as soon as I can, ok?" I promised her. She sighed and nodded, before turning and leaving me to find her own compartment. "Oh, and Maria," I said. She turned back around to me. "Avoid the-"

"The twins with the red hair, I know," she sighed. "Can I please go now?" she practically begged me. I rolled my eyes and nodded. She left with a smile etched on her freckled face. Maria was nothing like me. She had blond straight hair to her shoulders and big brown eyes with a freckled face. She was very pretty, and I sometimes wondered if she knew that with the way she acted.
I walked into the prefect's compartment and sighed. Inside was Amanda Williams who was in love with Fred and George. Fred and George were the red haired twins I previously warned my sister to avoid. It's not that they were mean, but they had a tendency to prank people.

"Ah, good, you're all here," Amanda said. A few of the Slytherin's sneered at him. I sat next to a boy in my year who's name was Michael. I was seated next to the window which I didn't mind. I liked seeing the train station melt away into the distance before we turned a corner and it was lost from view completely. Amanda began to tell us everything. He handed us out a piece of paper with the days and the time on it. "Now, red is for Gryffindor prefects, green for Slytherin and so forth. Those are the days you'll be patrolling the halls and where. Any questions? No? Good. Now, patrol the hallways- first up are Gryffindor's." I sighed and got up with Michael. We walked out of the compartments dn patrolled the halls. After half an hour or so, we stopped and headed different directions.
I headed down the hall in search for Maria. I wondered if she had made any friends yet. After a while I came to the back of the train with no sight of her yet. I looked into a compartment and saw her-- with them!

I grumbled angrily under my breath. I opened the door and stood there as all eyes averted to me. I glared at Maria who was smirking. "You know, Maria, you're such a Slytherin!" I snapped at her. She simply shrugged with a light laugh. "Did I not tell you to avoid the twins with red hair?" Fred and George raised an eye brow at me but grinned.

"Come and join us, Emily, we don't bite!" George smirked at me. I glared at him before sitting next to his brother who was just as annoying to me. "Why wouldn't you want your sister near us two gentlemen?"

"One, you're not gentlemen, and two, why would I want her near you? You two are two prats!" I spat.

"Oh dear, George," Fred said. "It would seem someone is still about our little prank from last year!" he added. I growled at them in distaste. Yes, I was still mad that they died my hair blue, red, green and yellow. Talk about school spirit. It was annoying and whatever they used on my hair really irritated it.

"Please, I am so over that!" I said. I think they knew I was lying. I wasn't over that. I would never be over that. "Oh, also. Watch what you say, I'm a prefect, remember?" I said pointing to my badge. They both laughed at me.

"Oh ya, you also tried to give us detention last year," George said through laughs. "Remember what we did after that?" He reminded me. I sighed. That was why they died my hair as I got them in deep trouble with McGonagall.

"Shut up!" I snapped at them. "Anyway, I heard you were at the quidditch cup! Was it brilliant-- apart from what happened afterwards!" I added quickly. The boys nodded in unison. This year, at the quidditch world cup death eaters raided the camp site where everyone was staying. It was havoc.

"Ya, good match. Seamus is delighted anyway!" George told me. I smiled. Seamus was from Ireland and had a lot of Irish pride in him. It sometimes made me laugh with the way he acted.

"Knew he would be," I said. After that there was an awkward silence. Fred, George and I don't usually talk.

"So, Er, Maria!" Fred said after a long pause. "What house do you want to be in?" He asked her. Maria thought about it for a moment.

"Well, if it makes me as cool as you guys, I want to be a Gryffindor. I don't want to be a dork like my sister!" she said. I glared at her and went a little red. I was use to Maria saying stuff like this but it's embarrassing in front of my year.

"Well, your sister will have a good future to look forward to- me and Fred.." George began.
"We've no hope for anything!" Fred finished. Maria frowned a little at this. I felt a bit grateful towards the twins for defending me like that. I was always use to them being crazy and mostly rude that I never thought they actually had kindness in them.

"Er, right," I said. More like I stumbled out. It wa very awkward. We weren't ones to talk a lot. Or ever. Unless of coarse they decided that they were going to prank me. "You guys didn't happen to see Fiona?" I asked them. Fiona McCarthy was my best friend in the year. I would be lost without her. She was also a Ravenclaw. We were complete opposites though- she is afraid to speak up while I would stand up for myself, she hated sports while I lived for them. I was a chaser on the Ravenclaw team.

"Uh, no. Maybe you should look for her?" Fred suggested. I nodded. I looked t Maria and back to the twins with uncertainty. "Go, Maria will be fine here," George promised. I gave up and walked away from them. This was going to be a great year, as soon, I would get my revenge for their little prank.

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