POEM- "Summer Nights"

Stayed at the beach this weekend-
Motivation: On.
Inspiration: On.
Extremely Bad SunBurn on my Shoulders: YUP.

Time to copy-and-paste my notes :D

Chapter 1

Day One

"Summer Night" (Day 1) 
I got closer to the moon tonight,
I let out a sigh,
I don't need to see the moon;

I love my sun, 
She brights up my day,
Gives me a reason to light up the night,
She makes everything feel right,
No fights,
She lights up my day with her smile,
Her jokes are funny, 
She's wild,
Yet sweet as honey,
You're my heart, Baby
I love you, really.

Katniss and Peeta,
Finnick and Annie,
Who ever;

I just wanna be with you forever,
Hold you in my arms at night,
Everything will be alright,
Cause I'll have you by my side,
I won't tonight,
I love you.

Our distance really feels like the sky,
Moon and sun,
Always chasing each other in a run,
One day, we'll catch each other,
We've already fallen,
In love,
I love you, you're my all,
I'll miss you,
Hope to see you in my dreams tonight. 

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