La Bella Luna (A Marauders Love Story)

Hi everyone, this is my first story, so be nice. I'm pretty sure that it's going to be Moony focused, but hey, if the plot bunnies lead it in other directions, who am I to argue?
Enjoy :D

Chapter 1

Chapter #1 : A Very Unusual Owl

I awoke to a sharp tapping on my window. After a few moments of consideration, I decided it was best to ignore it.
The tapping came again, louder this time.
I stuck my head out of the window and glared at the window.
"What the hel1...." I mumbled. I rolled lazily out of bed onto the ground and crawled/dragged myself over to the window.
"Whaaaaaaaat?" I whined sleepily as I pulled back the curtain to find a small tawny owl staring at me menacingly. Up until this point, I had never been glared at menacingly by an owl before. It was very unnerving.
I blinked. It blinked. We continued this for quite sometime before it tapped at the window handle meaningfully twice.
"Oh... you wanna come inside the house."
The owl rolled it's eyes at me as I opened the window.
As I reached forward to try and touch the owl's wing, it pecked me sharply.
"Owww!" It glared at me, and I returned the favor. Again, this went on for a few minutes until the owl deliberately stuck out it's leg and shook it. At this point I noticed it had a strange letter attached to it. I slowly untied the letter and warily took it out of the owl's reach. The owl looked at me, and then down at the letter a few times.
"Unusual owl...." I murmured as I began to open the letter. On the front it had my full name (Aliciyanna Jaylee Howlett) and address on it in emerald green ink. Best get this over with, I thought.


A few minutes later, after I had read the letter through a few times, and checked my calendar to make sure it wasn't april fools, I had come to a conclusion.
Either scammers were getting VERY smart, or this was the real deal, I was a witch that had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I was adopted ( I would definitely be chatting to mum about THAT) and the owl in the corner of the room that was currently trying to remove my suitcase from the cupboard (SO cute) was mine to keep. Somehow, both my gut instinct and the fact that I, singlehandedly, had set the house on fire no less than three times whilst asleep led me to believe that the latter was true, and that britain should not be worried about genius owl-wielding scammers anytime soon. After about five minutes of quietly freaking out, I had come to accept my fate with a calm state of mind.
With what seemed like a sigh, the owl gave up and flew over to the headboard of my bed. After another brief stare-off, a thought came to me.
"You need a name."
The owl sent me a sarcastic look.
"How about...Erm......" I paused for a while and adopted my thinking position.
"Tapper St Aslan the Third! Tap for short."
Tap death glared at me.
"A very unusual owl" I muttered as I got my suitcase down.
"Well Tap, I'm going to get some cornflakes. Can't pack on an empty stomach, can I? See you in a bit" I said over my shoulder as I walked towards the stairs.
I heard a hoot and turned around to look at Tap.... Just as I started to fall down the stairs.


As I walked into the kitchen, clutching my bruised head and swearing beneath my breath, I heard Tap hooting happily. It almost sounded as if.... I sighed in defeat. That bl0ody sadistic owl was laughing at me.
" A very unusual owl indeed." Said a voice from behind me.


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