The End

Just a one-chapter short story thing. I was feeling sad, and then I was feeling happy, so I wrote this. ^_^

Chapter 1

by: _Ripple_
I am standing at the end of the world. Behind me, the land stretches on, and on, and on, forever unchanging and desolate. The earth is similar to clay, in colour, but it has been bled dry of every drop of moisture that once might have inhabited it, and now, nothing is left but dust. Before me, the ground drops away sharply, down and down into oblivion. Beyond it, there is only darkness. There are no stars, no planets, suns or moons. The darkness is unbroken. A cruel wind is forever present, pressing upon my back. It throws itself frantically over the edge of the landscape; its wants are beyond desperation. It sees the emptiness beyond all that is left of the physical world, and it longs to be a part of it. It will be the last wind.

Here I stand, and no one is here to stop me from falling. I am so, completely and utterly alone. I am the last living thing. If I were to step forwards, the world would come to a close. If there was ever such a thing as time, it would stop. If there was destiny, then it would be the end of all destiny, of every destiny that had ever been foretold. If there was such thing as a soul, then mine is the last, and it would be forgotten. If there had ever been breath, or flesh, or heat, or heartbeat, then this was to be the end of it all. The moment when everything was lost, everything was forgotten. All it would take was a single step into the abyss. The darkness closes around me, cold and suffocating. I find myself doubled over, my arms clasped tightly around my chest. I am falling. I have leapt. This is it, this is the end. No more laughter, no more heartbeat.

Tears sting my eyes as the desolation closes in on me. No more…no more…
Then, I draw in a deep shuddering breath, and suddenly, things have shifted. There is a change in the darkness, I open my eyes.

I have been dreaming. A soft light falls across my face. It is sunlight, filtering through my drawn blinds. My eyes, I realise, are still wet with tears, but a strange feeling in my chest causes me to smile. There is still sunlight, and sweetness left in the world. For now, there is always love, and laughter, and time. I wake, and stand, and draw the blinds, and see how the world is beautiful, and once again I smile.

Because I know, that this is not the end.


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