POEM- "Sowing Away Bi11tches, Lies and Life"

My amazing first day at camp. Joy. Started 49 minutes ago. Have I made any friends? Hell no.

Chapter 1

Smiles Hide Lies, But I Can See the Hatred at Me Wishing Reject In Your Eyes

I step in the room,
Everyone's giving me dirty looks 
"Like who's that in a black tee?
gotta be emo-crazy"
Yeah, alright.
Well fyck you, I don't give a damn,
You're all bi1tchez
This is sowing class, so I hope you get stitches,
Rather be in a corner of the room,
That be bi1tched out by any of you,
I'm not like you,
I don't color inside the lines of a coloring book,
Stop giving me looks!
Glares with so much burning hatred,
Hope they burn through your faces,
Whispers while lookin at me?
Oh, please,
Its easy to tell,
Fine talk bout me, 
Cause I'm a hot topic,
You ain't got nothin more to do than a shappaholic
Sow, stitch, look,
Ugh, I can't take it anymore!
You're just a bunch of who0res!
Can I jump out the window? 
That way I won't feel anger no more,
I see cars pass by, 
The grass seems greener on the other side,
Can I just get by?
Nope, life's a bi1tch,
If it was easy it's be a sluutt,
Like you all.
I'm the devil huh?
Yeah, made in the deepest pits of hell,
Sent by the devil himself.
How bout you all join me in hell?
Cause you ain't any angels, 
I'm not a saint, that's easy to tell,
Scream, cry, yell
Do whatever, you're still going to hell.
 Who0res, slutz and lies,
Like needle stabbed the fabric,
Stab my neck and end my life,
Accepting others is your weakness,
For me it's easier than fitting in,
Guess no need to worry bout it,
Cause love I've already found it,
Don't need any of you to judge me for it,
Goodbye stupid bi1tch.


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