Wrecked (Original Group Story)

Group story with several people:


Read to find out what it is about. Please comment, rate and criticize!

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Roxy

I'm laying here in bed minding my own business and painting my nails black when I hear the first boom of thunder. Then the boat shakes. Are you kidding me? What is going on? I leave my room to check things out. People are in a panic. Oh, crap. The boat in sinking. I run outside and grab the railing.
I look around and see an island not to far away. I vault myself over the railing and into the water. No way am I going down with this boat.
Damn that water's cold!
In case you were wondering, my name's Roxy. I'm a 19 year old American. My hair is black and pink and I have a pierced nose. It was a dare. I'm your typical goth/emo and I'm proud of it. I just miss my bass. I love to play it for hours on end without break. Enough of me for now.
I start to swim towards the island. As I get closer I see another person swimming towards it. It looks like they are having trouble. I swim towards them.
It's a girl and she keeps getting pushed under by waves. She needs help or she may...scratch that..will drown. I reach her side and touch her shoulder. She turns to me and I see the fright in her eyes when she looks at me. That's normal for me. I'm used to it. It's all part of being goth.

I say to her, "Let me help you. Grab ahold of my belt and kick your legs."

She does as I tell her and I start swimming towards land. Good thing I'm a strong swimmer. These waves are killer.

Another ten minutes or so pass and we finally reach land. The girl lets go of my belt and sits down on the sand. She's shivering. We need a fire, so I walk away to look for dry wood, shelter and food.

I reach the woods and I walk in. The trees are close together so the floor is pretty dry. Good. This should be easy. I'm glad I'm wearing what I am. They may be useful to me at some point. Wait, what am I saying? I never leave home without them. Thank Gods.

I hope that girl can last while I forage for stuff. She looked pretty cold. She'd be better off getting as far from the water as she can. Otherwise the water will just keep spraying her and she won't get dry. Her toes though I guess. I prefer to have all ten of them but that's just me. To each their own.

God I hope we won't be stuck for too long and I wonder how many other people will make it here. As many people were on that boat, I'm afraid some of them will go down with it. Oh well. C'est la vie. There are two people who won't go down with it at least. Me and the girl.


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