Drafts(Look at last chap please!)

Well, if you saw this I would like you to read this as my guinea pigs! Kidding,though if you were one I'd keep you... Again,kidding. But anyways I need you people reading this to read this all the way through,and comment with what you think. Anytime I get a new idea,I'm gonna post a draft or my idea on here and let my readers decide what they think and if I should make it!

Have fun reading my crazy and rambling thoughts!

Chapter 1


A/N:One thing first,I love you guys for actually reading my stories!

"It wasn't that I didn't like the guy or anything,I mean he was cute,but I don't think the fact that he got drunk and barfed on my lap by the end of the night was very sweet...." Christine gagged and I smiled with a small laugh.
"Told you,it's disgusting...One second,Chris,there's a customer..." I stood up from my seat and walked up to the front before giving my most polite smile I could manage at the guy.
"How may I help you sir?" He looked up from my desk of magazines and I gasped at his eyes.
"You!" I growled out. "You and I had a deal to never step on the others turf! Leave my property now,Luciel!" He shrugged with a smirk and stood up. He sauntered over to me and leaned in close.
"Come on,Char. I need to talk to you,I'm going to do nothing to your little human back there...unless you want me to..." I rolled my eyes and glared at him before nodding in the direction of my reading room.
"Go,I'll be back in a minute." He smirked and kissed my hand-since he'd apparently taken it without my knowing-before walking into the back.

That sound interesting in the least?

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