Okay, I wanted to create a Hetalia Australia story...except this story is a bit more adult compared to normal, awesome Hetalia!
Hope you enjoy...or don't! ^_^ Comments are welcome!

Chapter 20

Vietnam & Japan

WWII - Kokoda Track
I held my gun close to my chest, looking down the trail we were heading down in the morning. Many animals squeaked & called in the dark shadows, making me somewhat nervous that someone could be moving with the noises, creeping closer. Someone moved beside me & I nearly shot them, but they were friendly.

"Geez, Aus, it's only me!" Zeal said, sitting beside me. "Anything out there?"
I looked out at the dark again. "Not that I can see..."
"You think Japan is really out there?"

I shrugged & New Zealand laid down on the leafy ground. I didn't sleep at all & we had to go very early in the morning. We all trekked up the hill, struggling through the forest, fearful that someone was watching, always watching. It was rather creepy, especially at night when the creatures did howl & everything creaked.
If the trek & scary jungle weren't enough, the thought of being chopped up was the cherry-on-top! One country, Japan, was threatening to invade my country via the Kokoda Track, the jungle path I was standing on & couldn't see. We'd lost quite a few men along the track, but we pushed on, determined like the crazy men we were. Wasn't long before the Axis allied Japan did come out of hiding.
A few were gunned down on the spot, others injured or taking cover as quick as anything. I rolled into a large hole & peered out to see New Zealand laying very still not too far away. I searched the suddenly quiet treetops, shot a few Japanese & grabbed Zeal by the arms, dragging him into the hole.

"YOU CRAZY KIWI!!" I yelled over the gunfire, covering his wound. "WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN?!"
"I-I'm sorry…I didn--" he coughed a few times, cringing in pain.
"Just stay quiet for a bit, mate, you'll be alright!"
"No…I-I won--"

I pulled the bullet from his wound & held the bloody thing in my palm. New Zealand cried & moaned in pain in my arms, while gun fire rained down around us. When the rain of bullets stopped, I heard someone shouting orders of, I think, surrender. Like hell we'd surrender! I held New Zealand & my gun close, trying to look over the muddy dune. There were 2 men on the ground & maybe another 2 in the trees.
I carefully laid New Zealand down & watched the pair calling up to there friends in the trees. When I could see all of them, I began shooting them. When they were all dead, or at leats gone, I stood up & looked around to find there were only 2 ANZAC's left: New Zealand & me. I picked up my little mate & held him looking around at what had happened in the few minutes we'd been here.

"What have I done...?" I said quietly to New Zealand.
"I-it's w-war…I-it happens…." Zeal whispered, coughing painfully. "I-it's..."

I held a finger to his lips, looking through the trees at something, or someone. I put Zeal carefully & comfortably down against a tree & crept through the undergrowth towards whatever was walking through. Watching from a hidden spot, I saw a lone Japanese man. He had his hand set lightly on his sword & I hand a firm hand on my gun.
I wanted to shoot him, but if I missed or just injured him, I've just set off a more powerful country to get me. I looked down at the weapon in my hand, then looked up to find that Japan had gone. I peered cautiously forward to see he had vanished & when I eased back I found that he was behind me, his sword pointed into my back, but he didn't kill me.

"I'm sorry, but you are unworthy of death!"

And he vanished with his Japanese ringing in my ears. Slowly, I retrieved little Zealand & took him to safety, as safe as could be out here, anyway. Meeting up with some other troops, their doctor fixed Zeal up, much to his complaining. I waited by a tall tree, thinking of what Japan had said to me, none of it making sense really!

Vietnamese War
I sat watching the door of the little hut, listening as New Zealand complained about how it was so hot & sticky. A little Vietnamese girl walked in & gave us some dinner. She was very nervous, even when I had assured her we were friends.

"You're just a super scary-looking guy!" Zeal smiled cheekily.
"Too you, I am!" I grinned. "But don't worry, little one, I'm not gonna hurt ya!"
"O-oh…I-I'm sorry!"
"It's not your fault for being shy!"

The little girl smiled a bit & left us dinner, which tasted good instead of what I usually ate. Right after, Zeal got back to complaining, like he'd done since we'd come to Vietnam. I drifted off to sleep, but it didn't take long before I was woken by New Zealand & several explosions & shouts. I sat bolt upright, clinging to Zeal's sleeve.

"We're under attack!" he shouted, pulling me out of bed. "They came out of nowhere!"

I didn't have time to respond as a grenade rolled past the doorstep. We ducked into a corner as the hut fell down around our ears, deafening us for a bit. I took a gun from New Zealand & laid a few shots about, hoping to find at least one of the attackers. Curse my luck!
Suddenly, New Zealand grabbed my arm & hauled me off with him into the jungle. Just ahead of us was the little girl. Catching my feet, we ran after her & caught her before she could hide. She screamed & cut Zeal with a knife that he quickly too from her. I held her tightly to my chest, ignoring her kicks to my shins, trying to calm her down.
After a little while, she began to just cry & stay still, much to my relief. I cradled her, Zeal stalking around us, watching for any Gorilla warriors or Allies. Like a ghost, when I turned around, a woman was standing there. Before I could make any noise, she pressed a large knife to my throat, grabbing my wrist with a ton of force.
The little girl in my arms bolted into the jungle, but still the Vietnamese woman wouldn't let go. Zeal was standing still, shaking slightly.

"You gonna let me go?" I asked, bluntly.
"No. You tried to capture one of my people!" she snapped.
"No, I was only--"
"Ssh!" she insisted with her knife. "You make too much noise!"

I went quiet &, after a bit, she let me go. I rubbed my neck gingerly & stepped back from her, to show respect, cause to hell if I want that knife again.

"Vietnam. Who are you?" she asked, quickly.
"Uh…Australia & this is New Zealand!"
Vietnam nodded. "Leave here."

With that, she vanished into the jungle. Zeal took my arm & practically dragged me back to camp, where we fled into a field & quickly left via helicopter like she'd warned. With all the gun fire & death, I was happy to leave, but I was curious of Vietnam...

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