Akemi Shizuki- A naruto story

Name:Akemi Shizuki
Personaltiy:Determined, quick to anger, born to be ninja
Weopen:long sword
Appearence:Black hair in one high ponytail, yellow-green eyes, black leggings, black shirt, white jacket, rolled up sleeves fingerless gloves
Story:Came from villiage hidden in the shadows, mother died when she was born, father gave her up she escaped her foster parents andninja academy found her, already a genin.
Dream:to find real father.
Quote:insult me again...i dare you!

Chapter 1

Squad seven

by: xKiraxs
I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I looked at my bed-side clock.
"Damn! I'm late!" I yelled. I threw on my black leggings, black shirt, white jacket and fingerless gloves. I rolled up my sleeves and grabbed my sword and kunai knife and ran out the door.
"Oh God! I'm so late!" I yelled at random people in the street. I ran past all the dissapproving faces as I went towards the meeting point.
I was meeting my new team-mates, squad 7.
I came from the villiage hidden in the shadows, they kicked me out last week. I was already a Genin, and it was coming to the Chuunin exams.
There was a bridge up ahead where I was meeting my team-mates, there were three people standing there.
A girl with long pink hair and a long pink dress, with green shorts underneath and the basic sandals. A boy with spiky, blonde hair wearing orange. And another boy, he had black-blue hair Dark blue shirt covering his neck, white shorts and sandals.
"Excuse me? Are you... Are you squad 7." I asked, out of breath.
"Yeah we are! Believe it!" said the blonde kid. "What your name?" asked the girl. "My name is Akemi Shizuki."
The blonde kid laughed. "Akemi's a boys name!" he laughed again. "We don't need a weakling in our group!" "Naruto!" yelled the girl.
I stepped closer so I was nose to nose with him. "Insult me again...I dare you." He laughed again. "Sorry about him, he's a loser." said the other boy. "Loser or not, he offended me and he's gotta pay for it" I said.
"Well, I have the nine tailed fox sealed insie of me and if you even lay a finger on me he's gonna come out and kick butt!" he said. "I don't need to have a demon inside of me I'm the real deal!" I hissed.
"I think we should calm down!" said the girl. "Naruto, Sakura's right. Calm down!" said the other boy. I smiled. "Yeah, Naruto." I said teasingly.
"I'm still mad at her!" yelled Naruto.I poked him in the head. "How did you become a ninja?" I asked.
"By mastering a Jounin level jutsu!" he replied. "Really? Can you do the transfer eye jutsu? Or the voice control jutsu? Or the striking shadow snake?" I asked, naming all my kekkei genkei.
"The..The what?"
"The transfer eye jutsu is where I can change my eyes to look exactly like someone elses, I then have the same powers, even they're kekkei genkei.
My voice control jutsu is where I sing and it controls other people and my surroundings. And finally my strinking shadow snake is a snake which comes out of my mouth or sleeve and kills my enemys. These are my kekkei genkei."
"They're your blood-line traits no-one can do them!" said Naruto. "Your right, and I thought you were something specail." I looked up at the other two and asked "When do I meet my sensei?" "Well well, looks like I can just in time." said a person from behind,
I turned to see a man with spiky grey hair slanted to one side. He had his head-band covering one eye and a mask covering his nose and mouth so only his right eye was visible. He was wearing the standard ninja uniform.
"I'm your new sensei, my name is Kakashi Hatake." he said. "I'm Akemi Shizuki. it's nice to meet you!" I said, smiling.
"Pfft, a second ago you were treatening me!" said Naruto to himself.
"What was that?" asked Kakashi, looking at Naruto "Naruto and I had a little arguement, it's nothing to worry about." I said, ruffling Naruto's hair.
"I see well, I have a D-rank assignment for you all!" said Kakahi.
"Aw, does the colourblind one have to come?!" I whined glancing at Naruto. "Who you calling colourblind?!" he yelled. "Seriously, what kind of ninja wears ornage?!" I laughed.
"She does have a point." said Kakashi. "So what's the mission?" I asked. "We're going to gather the rubbish from the river." he said.
"Seriously, where I came from my first mission was an assassination!" I said, throwing my arms in the air.
"Really? That's so cool!" yelled Naruto. "Uh...not really." I said, flicking him in the head. "Yeah it is! How many A-ranked missions have you done?!"
"First day here and I already have a fan. I've done 7 A-ranks." I said.
"But your a Genin how come you've done 7 A-ranks?" asked Sakura. "I'm just that awesome." I said, smiling.
"Sasuke here is the strongest in our group, Sakura is the smartest and Naruto well, he had the reputation for being a knuckle head." said Kakashi. "I gathered." I said. "So let's get going shall we?"
* * * * *
We were at the river, picking up rubbish, Kakashi was under a tree reading a book.
"Can I see some of your jutsu?" asked Naruto. "No." I said, picking up a can and throwing it in the bag I was holding.
"Come on! please?" he said. "No." I repeated. "Just change your eyes to mine, or sing a song and hypnotise Kakashi, or use your snake to kill my shadow clone!" he said, shaking my arm.
"No, it will waste chakra, in all mission theres a danger even in D-ranks, they wouldn't let ninja with weopens do it then, you never know when an enemy will attack, so don't waste chakra and be ready to kick serious butt!" I laughed.
"That's good advice!" he said, hanging on my every word.
"You're going to follow me around everywhere aren't you?" I asked. "Hell yeah! Your awesome!" he yelled.
"Great, I've always wanted a puppy." I laughed, "Why don't you hang out with those two?" I asked, gesturing to Sakura and Sasuke.
"Nah, they're boring and they always say I'm annoying." he said.
"The answer to that is very simple, don't be so annoying. I f you don't be annoying they'd love to hang out with you." I said.
"How? I just be my normal self and they tell be to go away!" he cried. "Then don't show off and don't yell when you speak, and don't mumble and whisper when you talk. Talk to them about the latest..whatever. And you have no idea how the word 'really?' comes in handy! This shows them that your listening, even though you might not be!" I laughed.
"Really?" he said, tilting his head. "You catch up quick!" I laughed.
"So where do you come from?" he asked.
"Villiage hidden in the shadows." I replied. "Never heard of that villiage before, did you come here with your family?" he asked. "My mother died shortly after I was born and my dad was so busy, he couldn't handle a baby and his work so he gave me for some friends. Foster parents. Then I ran away from them and a ninja academy found me, lucky too otherwise I would've gone insane!"
"I didn't know my parents."
"Really?" I laughed. He laughed too. "Come on you guys! We're done!" yelled Sakura from the tree.
We went over to them and Kakashi said "Well done Naruto, you haven't got into trouble this mission."
"Really?" he replied. "So what's next?" I asked. Kakashi looked up into the sky, there was some kind of bird flying in the air. "I think that's it for today. You can go home." he said lazily.
"Thanks sensei." I said, walking home. "Hey Akemi! Wait up!" yelled Naruto form behind. "Naruto, you don't live near me, go home!" I said, pointing in the oppisite direction.
"I'll walk with you!" he said with an idiotic look on his face. "Fine." I sighed.
We started walking when Naruto kept stopping and looking behind him. Then he started to run, a square rock following him. Wait a minute, a square rock? Ninja here are so stupid. "Ok whoever you are, I saw through your disguise!" yelled Naruto.
"Well done boss! You saw through my diisguise again!" said a childs voice. All of a sudden the rock exploded and three kids appeared, coughing at the smoke. "When I thought the ninja here were lame, I never thought they'd get any lamer." I said. "Who's this boss?" asked the boy. He had a cape on. Did he think superman was a ninja? He had two other friends with him a girl and a boy.
"This is Akemi! Akemi, this is Konnahamaru and his friends, he's the grandson of the Hokage." said Naruto.
Sakura came over to us. "Akemi you left this." she said, handing me a piece of paper. I opened it and read it. "Oh, thanks." I said, smiling. "Who's this boss?" said Konnahamaru. "This is Sakura." said Naruto. "Oh, I get it..this is your...girl-friend?" asked Konnahamaru.
I laughed. "I didn't know you two went out!" I laughed again. "Naruto!" Sakura yelled, as she punched Naruto in the face. "Hey! What kind of girlfriend are you!" yelled Konnahamaru, pointing at Sakura.
"Sakura...High five!" I said holding up my hand. She high fived it. I laughed. "What's so funny?" said a voice form behind. I turned to see two ninja. A boy and a girl. Thye looked a little bit older than us. The girl had blonde hair in four bunches, a purple-white dress with a red sash tied around it, she also had a big fan on her back.
The boy looked ridiculous. I couldn't tell what colour his hair was, he had a hat on with flaps around the neck, the tops wear pointed like a cats ears.He was wearing balck and had a mummy or something on his back.
"And you are?" I asked
"Hey look Temari, pipsqueak ninja let's mess with them 'till Gaara comes back." said the boy. "HEY! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR MESSING WITH? SHE ASKED YOU A QUESTION NOW ANSWER IT!" yelled Naruto. "My name is Kankuro, this is Temari." said the one wearing black. "Ok, your not from here are you?" I asked. "No, we came from the villiage hidden in the sand." said Temari."Are you aloud here or what?" I asked.
"Don't worry, we're aloud." she held up an ID. "Who's Gaara?" I said, examining the ID.
"Our other team-mate." said Kankuro.
He walked towards Konnahamaru and picked him up by the neck. "Akemi! Use the striking shodow snake!" yelled Naruto.I nodded. "Striking what?" said Temari, taking a step back.
I did handsigns and said "Striking shadow snake!" I held out my arm and a snake come from up my sleeve and around Kankuros neck. "Drop the kid, or I'll break your neck!" He started to choke. "Drop him." I narrowed my eyes.
All of a sudden a pebble shot at Kankuro and he dropped Konnahamaru. I let go of him. "Sasuke!" exclaimed Sakura. I rolled my eyes. I looked up to see Sasuke, sitting casually on a branch in a near by tree, juggling a pebble in one hand.
"Kakashi was right, you are the strongest in our four man squad." I said. "4 team-mates?" asked Temari. "And you haven't even seen what Akemi can do! Believe it!" yelled Naruto.
"Naruto, shut up!" I yelled. "So your Akemi, huh?" Don't look so tough to me." said Kankuro. "So I guess it was a stranger I nearly strangled with my snake?" I said. "You aren't so strong yourself you got stopped by a pebble." I continued.
He stood back with Temari. He took the whatever he had on his back off. "Your using him for this?" asked Temari.
"He wants a fight?" I asked. "If you want, then I will." I did handsigns and yelled "striking shadow snake! Fire style!" A snake came from my sleeve and was about to shoot fireballs at him. "Kankuro, Temari, this is not why we came." said a voice from above. My snake retracted back up my sleeve. Kankuro put his mummy back on his back.
I looked to see a boy standing upside-down on a branch near Sasuke. He had short spiky red hair, heavily eye-lined see foam eyes. No eyebrows and a symbol on his forehead, if I'm not mistaken meant Ai, love.
"Sorry Gaara." said Kankuro. Gaara turned to look at us. "I'm sorry for any trouble caused." he did a handsign and turned to sand, and reapeared by Temari and Kankuro. Sasuke jumped down by us. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again." I said as they walked off.


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