POEM-Tittle N/A

Chapter 1


I can't,
I can't think,
I can't speak,
I can't draw,
I can't write,
I can't rhyme,
I can't sing,
I can't dance,
I can't create,
I can't be creative,
I can't dream,
I can't fall asleep,
I can't do anything,
So why bother with my feelings?
Why do I feel in torment? 
Why do I feel so much hate?
Why do I push her away?
Why do I feel angry?
Why do I go crazy?
Why do I fear failure?
Why do I lose control of things?
Why do I even bother?
Why do I feel lost?
Why do I hope for so much?
Why don't I tell her everything? 
Why don't I fit in?
Why don't I socialize easily?
Why don't I tell her the truth?
Why don't I let anyone in?
Why don't I be honest with them?
Why don't I accept myself?
Why don't I end it all?
Why don't I admit it?
Admit that I can't stand her,
Admit that she reminds me of me,
Admit that  I love another
Admit that I see her as perfect
Admit that I'm a mess
Admit that I'm broken
Admit that I'm not okay
Admit that I'm living in regret
Admit that I'm not just angry
Admit that I don't just feel hate
Admit that I'm angry at myself
Admit that I hate myself.


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