plz read, this means alot to me

my sister wrote this for me after i lost my cat. He was my best friend & i miss him all the time. I cried as i was reading this today because i just found it saved on the computer. so plz just read all of it.
im going to use her title & she didnt take much care with the spelling & gammar. So dont go off about how she spelled something wrong. Plz.

love yas!
love always,

Chapter 1

Spot the Brave

I am writing about one of my cats named Spot. He was two and a couple months old. He was my frienemy, we could get along sometimes but most times I would scare him while he would scratch me. I can get along with my other cat Gus-Gus. My dad could get along with any animal we ever owned. My mom was always more of a dog person but when a cat get hurt she got just as said as when my seven year old dog named Little Bear died. My sister, Sam, had a special relationship with Spot, she usually used him to get through her time of anger or stress and since she was thirteen she went through teenage drama he was her therapist, even if he scratched her or she threw him out of her room they still always were still unsempratible, but the night of January 18, 2012 the problem happened. Spot was in the bathroom in the literbox and it was normal for him to be in there, then my dad went into the bathroom about two or three hours after me. He saw that Spot was laying in the bath tub witch for him is also usual. This time though, it wasn't the same reasoon as usual.

The next morning my dad work up earlier then everybody else because he had to go to work. Once he walked into the bathroom was when he saw Spot laying in the same spot but with puke in front of him. Spot would not eat and he and his brother were hissing at each other. Gus Gus only hisses when you are annoying, hurting him, or when the person he is by is sick. Me, my sister, and my dad all stayed home to take Spot to the vet. My sister stayed right by his side until the vets were open while I was keeping the dog away from the cat so he would not hurt him. The other main clue to he was not feeling well was he usually fights so he will not have to go in the canile but this time he just let us put him in there. We rushed him to Mid State Vetranaren office and the vet did not have great news. He said there was a clog in Spots arteries so he could not go to the bathroom. The toxic stuff was killing him and the vet said he needed to go have surgery to clear the clog. He told use to have the cats on a can food diet because this time of year cats usually have this problem.

Once we left the vet everything went back to normal for about three hours or four ours. Then the docter called and I answered it because my mom was at work and my dad was taking a nap and it is hard to wake him up for just a minute. The vet said they got Spot through the surgery and so far he seemed fine. I did not really but my sister still seemed to be a little scared for the cat. She was right to worry.

At 3:34 the vet called back with horrible news. He said that Spot died from all the toxic stuff in him and ie spreaded through out his body. My dad was still sleeping so I could not tell him. My mom so far was called and at that time Spot was doing fine and she told my grandma Lillian that it was going good so far. I felt nervous just walking toward my sister. Once I told her she started cring for a while, I did not cry because when anybody or any animal dies I feel sad but I never cry I usually comfort my sister and this time I really had to try to cheer her up. We left a voice mail for my mom and I called my grandma. She usually is does not cry when any thing dies, she felt said for me and my sister but she did not know how much my sister loved that cat, their relationship was basically the same as me and my other cat. Gus Gus and me usually do not like to be touched or especially do not like to be hugged by my sister and we like both like to be by ourselves alot, while Sam and Spot never wanted to be left by themselves.

While my sister was crying she said, "I told him he would be okay and I would see him again." Then she cried even harder after that. I felt bad for her and upset that my mom had to work let so she also could not comfort Sam. Once my mom got back home my sister stopped crying and was in her angery stage, and that means she cries then she is angery and finally back to normal.

Once it was time to eat my parents seemed to feel sorry for me and was saying over and over and over. I wanted to scream I was not the one who spent must of the time with Spot I was only his frienemy and my family was feeling sorry for me not my sister. I think my sister was upset about the situation even more than I was.

That night I was remembering all the good times I had with Spot. While I was said for my sister and Gus Gus. Sam was asking all the sudden if the vet was lieing but I told her he wasn't. I felt said for Gus Gus because now he has no older brother to annoy or a friend to chase.
I think that I will always feel sad for loseing Spot but I will never feel way the same that my sister and Gus Gus feel everyday without him. I will miss him forever. I think Spot was a brave cat because he was always willing to put up a fight with Jack Jack, the sibrene huskey puppy, or the cat, Baby Kitty, who lives outside and we feed her so she would get hungry. Spot also brave because he always protected his brother and Sam.


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