my speach

this is for the ones who r bullied anywhere... i speak for u

Chapter 1

bvb army changes everything

i speak for the ones who cant or are afraid to say anything because ppl tell them they r worthless and dont matter cuz its not true! u do matter the only reason y they say u dont is bc they clearly have issues and are afraid to admit anything. they dont understand wat hatred and anger and madness they bring cuz they dont care or could careless about how we feel but we r ppl an we have to start standing up for each other they wont stop till we do something. they think we r nothin but dirt and kick us around like rag dolls but we have meaning we have souls but most importantly we have each other. we need to be there for each other. ive been through a lot of stuff myself with family issues i wont say them and friend issues but im still here i deal with bullying alot almost 24/7 but im here and i stand tall. i care about others around me and i wont give up hope on any one i dont care honestly how bad it gets just as long as i stay strong and get through it. i stay strong by lissoning to bvb and by talking to my few friends but it seems like many wen it comes to them they help me with alot of inside and out side of school issues not saying i have alot of issues but hey there are times wen stuff comes up and i feel like i cant breath bc wats goin on all at once but i get through it all cuz idc as long as i get through it ive never had one bad though such as i wanna kill myself bc if i did my friends would never leave me alone and they would worry all the time and i wouldent like that at all. so i stay strong and i live my life as normal as possible i dont think about anything ppl say unless it gets personal and that takes a while for one person to get on my nerve but hey im strong and so should u be. i care about all of u and i wanna help u get through ur bullying so message me anytime i will try to help- as much as possibe. ik wat its like to be called names and to get in to fist fights and be jumped and have to deal with the police i do i really do im not a petifile im as normal as normal can be for me cuz im really random and funny and smart so. ... dont let ppl let u down if u get hurt in anyway tell me and ill try to help if i can im not flying across the country to help someone ok but i will message u and i will talk to u. im pretty easy to get along with as long as u dont insult me then we have issues but other wise tell me wats on ur mind how did this make u feel dose it make u happy or scard or wat feeling do u have. i will help in anyway possible i promise ok but then again i can only do sooo much uk.... just keep ur head high tell them to leave u alone walk away and try to avoid them its the best thing to do. in school tell ur favorite teacher or pricables tell someone in authority... U HAVE A VOICE SO USE IT WELL DONT LET THEM WALK ALL OVER U DO SOMETHING TO STOP THE MADNESS OR PAIN IT BRINGS U! IF U HAVE TO BRING ATTENTION TO IT SOME HOW USE UR VOICE PUT DOWN UR FISTS AND RISE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE SPEAK OUT FOR URSELF AND OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP UR SELF IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone who tells u that ur @^% or a $@& or watever they call u weather it be swearing or watever they do... its because they r jealous or they dont have any self respect. lots of ppl tell me im not good at anything or im stupid and im an emo $@& monkey so they mess with me yea some have admitted it and others who dont i mess their faces up and so they clearly have no self respect bc if they did they wouldet talk about me or yell at me or hit or punch me kick me i turn the table and make them back off i wont put up or deal with the $#!# they give me i will personally tell them they r in the wrong.. i use self defense alot but hey u gotta make them stop some how and then again ive been dealing with this for years ever since 5th grade so i have a right to. im not saying thats the only way for u to deal with it try taking different measures first then if u have to i guess take violence as ur very last step if u cant take it anymore and nothing is working anymore. remember u do matter ur not &@% and ur not worthless ur perfect in ur own way that most ppl cant see but thats their issue not urs dont beat urself up for it there is no need just be urself and tell them they need to leave u alone or i will personally go after them cuz u dont need to suffer. ;) live ur life to the fullest bro we r all in this together


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