The Darkest Children

There is a human legend of godlike warriors that prowled about the Earth, shattering the gnarled bodies of creatures so inhuman and so disgusting that it became the duty to destroy these creatures.

Chapter 1

Zenobia's Prologue

by: Stubbz
Zenobia was running for her life. Her black shoes flew across the grass. The creatures trailing behind her were very close, she could here their snarls and barks as they neared ever closer to her heels. She continued to run, she didn't know where she was running. Her school house and all of the cities building were well behind her. She had no choice, she either had to keep running or die.
Zenobia quickly fell gasping in pain, her lifeblood began to poor from her side. Falling to her knee's she saw a glimpse of a sharp claw coming toward her face. Then with one more slash she was blinded. She tried to get up but her legs were up hill, and her torso down. Soon she had lost almost all of her blood, her soft brown hair was soaked in it, her eyes were pooling with blood and tears. She heard someone step next to her in awkward footsteps. She tried to cry out for help but her cry was stopped by the standing creature slitting her throat. While Zenobia heard the dry cackling of the cruel creatures surrounding her everything faded away, and she was dead.
Zenobia sat upwards quickly gasping for air. 'I am alive' she thought. She was sitting in the damp grassy yard of a very large mansion. She was also completely naked in the dew, and very cold. She stood up slowly, taking in her surroundings, and she saw something red billow out from behind her in the breeze. She reached out and grasped it. Zenobia pulled on the red strands, only to find it brought pain in the back of her head. She found this strange and walked over to a small pond in the mansion's yard, sitting on it's edge. Slowly she looked to her reflection, expecting to see her olive green eyes, only to find she was starring at red eyes the color of fresh blood. Surrounding the pale face of the strange girl was long red hair, her hair was the color of blood also. Zenobia found this strange, because the scary girl in the pool's reflection had the same shaped face as her's. Ans as Zenobia reached out to touch her new hair the scary girl did the same. Angry tears welled up in her eyes and she screamed hysterically. Remembering how she died she looked down at her side expecting to see a horrible gash upon it but found a red diamond tattoo lined with black. She fell again into the grass, and hugged her knees to herself, trying to figure out what was happening.
After her scream lights began to turn on in the mansion, and a dark figure slowly walked toward Zenobia. The dark figure draped a black cloak around Zenobia and took her hand. The stranger then spoke in a strange accent, " Now, come inside young one, your birth was quite a scary one no?" The man with the Russian drawl helped her up and took her inside. It was at that moment that Zenobia, given her new body, began a new life.

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