Not In A Million Years(Hunger Games story)

this is our verison of The Hunger Games.

By:Volleyballgirl527 & Msdoneasha13

Chapter 2

Life in District 4

Aqua's Pov

I got home from a fishing trip and my little sister hugged me. I laughed and looked at her.

Hope: "You have to get ready to sis!"

I sighed and I nodded knowing what she meant. I went up to my room and grabbed a clean pair of clothes and showered and changed into them. I went downstairs to see my mom talking to my best friend and crush Rory Blue.

He looked at me and smiled: "Well us three better get going"

I nodded and grabbed my sister's hand and we headed to the place where people were picked.

The boys and girls were separated and I looked over at Rory and he smiled at me. I took a breath trying to keep myself calm.

Rory's Pov

I looked up at the stage when the people came

Man: "We are going with the guys first. Rory Blue"

I took a quick breath and walked up calm. I looked out to the crowd and saw Aqua staring at me worried. I smiled at her reassuring that I will be fine

Man: "Rory Blue! Now for the Girls.... Aqua Stephens"

Now it was my turn to look at her worried. I heard her little sister yelling for Aqua to come back but Aqua calmly walked up too.

Man: "Aqua Stephens!"

I looked at her and we held our hands and put them up then it was time to say good bye to everyone.

When we were finished I looked at Aqua

Aqua: "i don't want to fight my best friend"

I shook my head but smiled: "maybe something strange will happen.. you never know"

Aqua's Pov

I nodded: "Well we should get going Rory"

He nodded: "I guess so"

I looked back at my family and friends and sighed. I looked at Rory and he gave me a small smile as his blue eyes reassured me that we will get to see them again.

How could he be so sure though?

We left and get into our transportation that would lead us to the capitol.... I could fell the butterflies in my stomach because on how nervous i was.

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